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  1. William

    How to Buy Bitcoin Cheaper

    All traders want to always buy Bitcoin at a price cheaper than the market price. Apart from buying and selling on the ordinary, centralized crypto asset exchange, there is another option, namely a peer-to-peer exchange. In this exchange, asset prices are not “regulated” by the exchange manager...
  2. William

    [btc] need hlp for solo mining

    hi there i bin bit coin mining for around 1 year and have 15 s3& 2 s5 antmininers runing. i now want to try my luck in solo mining. But i don't know how to set up my bfg miner and my bit core for this. if any one can hlp me or if ty can email me info at [email protected] on how to set...
  3. William

    How to get pubkeys for many adresses ? Script or util needed.

    I have a 200 BTC addresses and I need Public key for this addressees, can you help me with a link for code or utility for doing this ? Br
  4. William

    Binance: $BNB The Future of Exchanges.

    $BNB the ONLY coin where you can invest in the exchange. This will be a top coin for chinese/international traders. Eventually it will only be 100M supply.
  5. William

    Looking for partners, creative writers, members who know a lot about Ethereum.

    Hello there and thanks in-advance for reading this! I am kind of new here but have been a lurker for years but never thought of registering until now has I wanted to do something of my own, you can call me Ricki or Rick by the way! Today I have started a new project I will be working on closely...
  6. William


    Hello, I like to make a point where if you don't notice one of the POWER of BTC is the way to move money around also from different Currencies I don't see very active way to create a exchange between other nations we have to develop more FOREX EXCHANGE. The big advantage of BTC is there is not...
  7. William

    Miners: What kind of fee information do you see on our transactions?

    Hi there miners. I asked myself this question after some personal confusion (now cleared up) on fee estimations on Bitcoin transactions. Using a SegWit capable blockexplorer like Blockchair, I see that my transactions have three different fee calculations: per kB, per kWu and per kVB. A non-SW...