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  1. Ahmir

    Bitcoin testnet coins

    If anyone needs some BTC testnet coins for dev work, please let me know and post testnet wallet address. Fast solution instead of spinning up regtest. *Remember, testnet coins have NO VALUE; so only ask if you have a need*
  2. Ahmir

    MicroStrategy company adopts Bitcoin as primary treasury reserve asset.

    As a hedge against US dollar inflation, the worldwide leader in enterprise analytics and mobility software MicroStrategy company decided to sweep $250 million from its cash reserves into Bitcoin. The company announced today that it has purchased a total of 21,454 bitcoins. MicroStrategy CEO...
  3. Ahmir

    Trading, ICO, Lending, Bounty. Which one should I do ?

    Dear friend, So far, I know for kind of earning money from bitcoin and altcoins. I start trading when bitcoin 17000. until now, I lost a haft of money. ICO I have win any ICO. But I did not invest to much. Lending I think have not join anyone. But I think in the first time you can get profit...
  4. Ahmir

    BTC Reward. How to compile Electrum standalone executable from Python source cod

    Anyone know how to compile Electrum standalone executable from Python source code? Or can teach me/show me via RDP, I will pay in BTC. Name your price. Please no time wasters, only if you have successfully done this before.