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  1. Giovanni

    Lost Bitcoin Core wallet.

    Hello, I bought many bitcoins back 2013 and since then my laptop went completely broken, I did do a backup, but its no where to find. So I cant find my Bitcoin Core wallet anywhere anymore, but I have the password for it and the last address where the bitcoins came to my wallet. (didn't do any...
  2. Giovanni

    Bitmain - Prices are Ridiculous

    I know, I know... you are a business, and you here to make money. Compared to other vendors, you are still better. However, charging $140 USD for shipment of 2 S3 miners + high cost of the miners themselves costs more now than it did months ago. Just had to get this thought out there
  3. Giovanni

    Input scripts have keys?

    Usually (but not all) inuts script have two tables, first: 70-72 bytes, second 33 or 65 bytes. This second table is public key? Where this is in Bitcoin documentation?
  4. Giovanni

    Is there a Fake Bitcoin?

    In the real world, we used fiat or physical money in our daily spending. And this physical notes can be use in fraudulence or a so-called Fake Money. How about in Cryptoworld, is there also a Fake Bitcoin? If there's any, how can we identify it?