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  1. Giovanni

    Find out if you can get steam games cheaper in different regions offers different steam games every week at a big discount also. A good percentage of proceeds go to charity. Check it out, its well worth it
  2. Giovanni

    Where to sell casascius coin?

    You may contact a local coin collector through classified ads or yelp.
  3. Giovanni


    the fact that you are here in a BTC forum looking for open source code for an exchange means that you have no experience in coding or starting a tech start up. Am I correct? If I am, then it would be better to start a simpler BTC business. First, gain some experience in managing coders...
  4. Giovanni

    Where to start?

    The first you have to do is to find in yourself what you can offer. Do you know how to code, do graphics arts, or any other service that would be valuable to the community? If so then that would be your tools for the trade. Just offer your service and work for your money. Stop doing hyips and...
  5. Giovanni

    Is there a way to raise money through public fundraising for sick friend?

    However it's not easy to get money this way... Anyone can say his friend or any relative is sick to earn some easy money, there are a lot of people trying this. It will be hard to raise money from unknown people. You have more chances of success if you ask for help in your own community, people...
  6. Giovanni


    Africa has a very rich history starting from center of all history which is Egypt...i believe creating a sustainable market place will help discover and own some of the great artifact without boundaries and also it will promote inter culture connections...
  7. Giovanni

    Bitcoin Bike-sharing?

    Interesting. The bike share service I was thinking about that runs in the US (I'm forgetting the name right now) has stations in different areas. You can basically grab a bike from one "station" and drop it off at another station in the city. These services use physical payment I believe, like...
  8. Giovanni

    Is this a safe way to buy a nano s?

    Yeah its a tough call indeed. "If it seems too good to be true, it probably is". We all know that bitcoin has been in the limelight lately and everyone want's to take advantage of it. I would just buy from the main site as well, so that if anything goes wrong, you can sent it back for a...
  9. Giovanni

    Beware of "Antminer reseller" on Facebook.

    If the buyers really want to buy eventhough the price is steep then there's no way we can't stop them. But we can advise and rethink everything before buying. Of course the sellers is after the profit and we can't blame them because everything about bitcoin now is now at premium price because of...
  10. Giovanni

    weird site but they give out free bitcoin, ive gotten paid b4.

    Where link of the site or reference about the payment. If you got the payment create a op accordingly. Simply saying that upgrading something and getting some satoshi will confuse the newbies as well as senior members. If need a comment about it or promote a site. You have to share the complete...
  11. Giovanni

    Projects you should start, we need!

    Its easy to think of ideas for project that you think the community needs and at the same time you think are good and applicable. But it comes down to execution. Once you start acting on the idea, its then that you discover that your ideas werent that good after all, or worse, it wasnt really...
  12. Giovanni

    is notifying users about new versions within the wallet a good idea?

    Wasn't the latest Electrum update precisely because people were getting in-wallet messages from malicious nodes telling them to upgrade to a (fake) new version? I think it's a great idea and one that should be done, if not already, but if users can't verify the authenticity of the message (and...
  13. Giovanni

    Purpose of anyone can pay transaction

    Hello "the friend", Unfortunately, neither of the two scenarios are secure (actually they are the same), sorry. Once the receiver broadcasts the txn donations will be exposed to public and subject to robbery. Currently, bitcoin doesn't support the mechanism I've proposed above. I do believe it...
  14. Giovanni

    How to use brainflayer on each cpu core ? multithreaded ?

    how to run parallel on a multi-core computer, I know. The question is how to run on multi-core, where are 2 threads per core? Suppose on a 10-core computer where there are 20 threads? (-n 1/10/1 -n 1/10/2 ...) or each thread, regardless of whether it's a real kernel or a virtual one, is handled...
  15. Giovanni

    How to use brainflayer on each cpu core ? multithreaded ?

    Whatever money you're spending on electricity would be better spent on gambling.
  16. Giovanni

    Number of connections

    Could you please be more clear in framing your question? I can't get your point clearly, but based on my understanding you seem to ask how many incoming connections you allow apart from the 8 outgoing connections if you have specified those above mentioned values? If so, While you are...
  17. Giovanni

    Need An advice to learn Blockchain.

    Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Technologies by Jameson Lopp also great read and it's available for free at The book was released in 2016, so it's a bit oudated. Don't forget game theory
  18. Giovanni

    How to Generate a signed BTC transaction using Electrum and Trezor

    The seventh step lacks information on adding any other account than the default one. Each account in the receive tab in TREZOR web interface displays a BIP32 path which needs to be typed in during that step. Each account in Electrum will be saved in a separate wallet file
  19. Giovanni

    How to manually verify blk*.dat and rev*.dat files?

    Nothing will happen. Your peers will disconnect/ban your misbehaviour node and will try to get valid data from another sources. (Nodes do not send rev*.dat information to each other. These files are local database files for updating the current utxo set)
  20. Giovanni

    Frozen Storage BIP Lockdown Mode BIP (ETF Fasttrack) (Please VOTE in Poll)

    it should also be noted that initially just the bitcoin etf account awaiting approval by the SEC needs this special feature as it does bring complications of application process for hardfork in the ultra rare situation that this is needed. instead of a legal/court process it could be just an...