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  1. Santos

    Significant Decimal Precision

    Decimal Places. How many is enough ? Is it ever enough ? (have mentioned this before - can't find the post) Currently BTC has 8. Clearly not enough. Soon-ish 1 sat will be 1 cent. Need to be able to chop it up less than that for micro-transactions. One solution, add 8 more at the next...
  2. Santos

    Bitcoin for thesis?

    Could it be possible for a bitcoin to become a thesis? I mean its a way of spreading awareness of btc. What do you think?
  3. Santos

    Encrypt a message using Bitcoin Public Key and decrypt with private key?Like PGP

    Thank you. I will try later. But this way it is far less secure... it would be good to encrypt with public key and decrypt with the private key, like PGP. Thank you. The person who answered said that using systems that were actually designed for encryption is better... he is right ofc, but...
  4. Santos

    How to export entire bitcoin blockchain into database

    I would like to have a excel or csv database with adresses and transactions between them. EDIT: Actually I have found a way how to do it but first of all I need to parse blk.dat from bitcoin core to JSON then JSON to csv but can't find proper JSON parser for win10
  5. Santos

    Thoughts on new ATH

    My personal prediction is around $100k, give or take $20k. The post-virus effects aren't here yet. I do feel like the governments (at least mine) are starting to kinda struggle with the financial resources though, and that's surely not going to look well in a matter of months/years. This is...
  6. Santos

    The Rise of Bitcoin

    The trend will not always going up so expect a little correction and don’t think that the last bull market will happen the exact same thing right now because we are on a totally different situation. Bitcoin rise again and to those who are holding are still thinking to hold more, I suggest to...
  7. Santos

    Covid crisis & evolving phases

    Maybe,Covid19 pandemic will stay for so long but i don't think that it will bring people towards digital currency because digital currency is not yet legally accepted anywhere. Also government still issuing a new design of fiat money despite of this pandemic which means government has no plan to...
  8. Santos

    BTC and ETH on their 2 years high

    Bitcoin is steadily increasing over time, quietly reaching 11.8K today, highest price for last two years. Ethereum's rise is much sudden and higher against BTC, it's traded at upto $430+ today, it's highest for last two years. Where do you see the market heading? would there still be bullish...
  9. Santos

    Prediction the future price of USD

    The USD PPI and Core PPI news reports came in quite good. Therefore, the ongoing bullish trend of the US dollar is likely to become stronger. What do you think?
  10. Santos

    Request - Project for clean drinking water for everyone.

    I was watching a video last night on this powder that can be placed in filthy water and it binds all the solids and also disinfect the water within 30 minutes. This got me thinking, if someone could get some Blockchain project running to help with the funding for a bunch of these packets, then...
  11. Santos

    Can I sign a message with more than one address?

    I'm using Bitcoin Core v0.18.0 & Qt version 5.9.7. Is it possible to sign a single message from more than one address?
  12. Santos

    Longest time to solve a block?

    Just curious, according to It just took 1 hr 34 min to find a block
  13. Santos

    How does a node knows the current tip of best block chain

    Question 1: Assume some node is offline for a long time. After it reconnects to block chain, how does it know what is latest block? As his peer nodes maybe "wake up just now". From their view of chain, maybe the current tip is not the really Latest block. Question 2: I am confused how...
  14. Santos

    900,000 illegal bitcoins.

    At least 870,000 bitcoins are associated with illegal activities. This is about $ 10 billion. Darknet marketplaces - 585,000 BTC. Stolen bitcoins - 204,000 BTC. Scam project organizers - 98,000 BTC. Other illegal activities 3,000 BTC.
  15. Santos

    Im Looking developer it guy and Other skilled people for world biggest project.

    You should give some more details about your project. Do you have a website? What is it about? Are you only giving % or are you willing to pay for services? If you are willing to pay for some services with btc, you could post your topic in the services board (it will get more attention)
  16. Santos

    Stable coins for bounty hunters

    I know this have been discussed several times on this forum but yet I will like to drop this again, I'm sure few new developers are among us here, so here we go It will be a whole new story if new projects can start paying bounty hunters in USD or stablecoin, this have few advantages over...