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  1. Timofey

    Multi-signature virtualization (Bitcoin and all ECDSA/EdDSA cryptocurrencies)

    Hi, first of all, I hope this is the right board for this topic: if not, please feel free to move it to the most appropriate one. I am the co-founder of Conio, an Italian-based startup focused on custody of Bitcoin. We have recently worked with the University of Trento on a research project on...
  2. Timofey

    Bitcoin livenet size in gigabytes

    Hello, I have a full node running with "bitcored" and it's getting a huge disk space and running out of it several times! Mine is having 495G in total and the node syncing took all of it and now shows "No space left on device" in debug.log. Can anybody mention what is the recommended disk size...
  3. Timofey

    Bitcoin and luck

    Guys... these are the current luck stats of a big pool. / 75.645% / 91.791% / 88.821% / 93.131% / 3D / 1W / 2W / 1M / 3M C'mon... luck goin up and down and always rounding near 99% ? Do you have an idea of why this is happening, really?
  4. Timofey


    Bitcoin needs to significantly reduce blockchain bloat by having miners generate new genesis blocks every once in a while- say every 1,000 blocks, about once a week. A new genesis block needs to contain a 2nd coinbase tx that consolidates all previous coinbase txs since the previous genesis...
  5. Timofey

    Bitcoin and Mobile Gaming

    As mobile gaming become start to become popular in the world of gaming. I have this thought on my mind; Can we relate Bitcoin with Mobile Gaming? Just like Bitcoin; banks can be a traditional and Bitcoin becomes much easier and comfortable to use. In mobile gaming; PC Desktop games/console...