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  1. Sebastian

    Send bitcoin to a address using paypal

    Is there any place I can redirect clients on my website to a website that allows you to send them paypal money and automatically sends bitcoin to the address you specify? I want to refer my non-technical clients to this place to provide them with easier usage
  2. Sebastian

    How I Spent my Sunday - Building Racking

    Got my second and third S7's yesterday had to figure out where to put them. So I spent my Sunday building this in my Gym Room - the beginnings of a MicroFarm Lots of work still to be done on neatening up cabling ------> next Sunday Hmmmm how do I embed the image?
  3. Sebastian

    Creating semi-nodes to sustain the network

    As far as I know, the more full nodes there are on the network, the more trustless the blockchain becomes. But the large size Bitcoin's blockchain will sooner or later become a problem when it comes to users' capacity of holding an entire node on a hard drive. I do get the idea that hard disks...
  4. Sebastian

    The next crypto to explode - Sentivate

    I've looked into this project and I think it has the potential to be huge if it catches on. It combines the regular web and decentralized web all into one product, which will make development so much easier for devs. If you compare this to other "Web 3.0" projects- EOS, ETH, TRX, ADA- the...
  5. Sebastian

    Brave Rewards

    Has anyone tried Brave Rewards? If so, is it worth it?
  6. Sebastian

    Internet shutdowns by governments are bad for corporate marketing

    There was a brief total internet shutdown over here today that lasted for a few hours. All of the ISPs cut off internet access for some reason and then restored it back. It reminded me of the time mobile internet access was shut down for almost three months last year. Obviously they didn't touch...
  7. Sebastian

    Mining Business Bank Account?

    What USA banks allow bitcoin mining business accounts? Most major banks have specific provisions "no virtual currency business accounts"? I'd like to have a reliable bank account and having trouble finding a bank.
  8. Sebastian

    Why do nodes accept OP_RETURN addresses?

    Since I can send funds to an OP_RETURN address it means that I'm instantly burning them. But OP_RETURN isn't an address at all, it is simply a form of text. Since no public keys hashed by SHA256 and then by base58 generate this kind of text, why do nodes accept it? As far as I know, a wallet...