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  1. Kellan

    Just an Idea - Buy/Sell Contract

    Actually thinking about it, charge backs in payments is a thing that's only been done recently. Before then it was trying to get a cashier to honour to your signed receipt or in some cases to give you a receipt in the first place
  2. Kellan

    Transaction mining

    Maybe take a look at p2pool, which kind of allows you to get paid for mining almost-blocks. While of course anything is possible, I think it would be a huge mistake to try conflate mining and transactions in a proof-of-work system, as the people making transactions are not going to be in a...
  3. Kellan

    How to sign an Unsigned RawTx from 2-of-3 Multi-Sig Address using Bitcoin Core?

    Multisig addresses start with three right? Then unless I somehow did it wrong then you're out of luck with using bitcoin core since they don't sign 3s apparently. I get the "entered address does not refer to a key" error when I tried.
  4. Kellan

    Blockchain sending limit ?

    It may be due to transactions feesas mk4 said, however the difference is too big for transaction fees. It may be due to confirmations. Is some of your balance originate from a recent transaction? You must wait a few confirmations before you are able to spend it. I also suggest that you look...
  5. Kellan

    Remembering the earily days of mining...

    Well yea, but he wasn't running a corporate-sized mining farm though. He only had 4 machines. Not sure if huge mining businesses even existed in 2011 as I'm pretty sure most of them are only mining at home.
  6. Kellan

    Coindesk & Cointelegraph give Fake News

    This is not the first time I've met people who lose money due to crypto media publications. It annoys me especially when FUD is published, and I also hate bitcoin predictions. Many people believe this without even suspecting that this is a lie or unverified information.
  7. Kellan

    1.1 BTC Puzzle by Phemex

    That fact that you don't like puzzles, then why someone needs to explain to you the details here? You even bother posting on this thread. And of course, that puzzle is difficult to solve and you have to expect that. OP gives the link for it and all details are there. Actually, the puzzle is up...
  8. Kellan

    btc transaction fee is way too much and btc transactions are way too slow

    Have you ever said fiat transaction fee is too high when BTC tx fee was normal like a few cent (considering 1 input and 2 output) for a few hundred thousands USD worth of BTC? No, definitely. So, what I see is you are a fudder. BTC tx isn't slow, it works in what way it should be working. Only...
  9. Kellan

    PayPal to Offer Crypto Trading

    Paypal would create a cryptocurrency called paypalcoin,with the one and only feature:the buyer/sender will have the right to refund every transaction to the receiver in a 180 day time frame. Jokes aside,cryptocurrency trading is strictly forbidden in Paypal's Terms of Service.I highly doubt...
  10. Kellan

    Winklevoss Case for $500K Bitcoin

    I think $500,000 & even upwards of that is very possible but we may have to wait for the next bull cycle for those heights. $500,000 maybe in 2025 or something, I don’t think the peak of this cycle will be as high, maybe $150,000 in late 2021.
  11. Kellan

    Heads Up Folks I think they know how to Crash or Bring down the Value of a Pump

    And what makes you so sure that Big Brother are going to exhaust every means, even try to used the computing power of a quantum computer to their advantage? doesn't make sense at all. Those so called problems that you are talking about can be solved by just a ordinary pc, no need to used QC. I...
  12. Kellan

    BTC Mining, Still Relevant ?

    I recommend that you read everything that is being posted here: I believe that all your questions you will find in the link I gave you. I am of the opinion that if someone is still in the mining business Is because they should make a profit because...
  13. Kellan

    How to Spend Bitcoin?

    We have our own our rights and responsibilities on where will we use and spend our bitcoins. But you are right that spending your bitcoins for online shopping is not worthy because it is a huge loss for you if you don't take the opportunity of maintaining your long term investment. But if you...
  14. Kellan

    The Truth About Bitcoin's Green New Deal.

    The green course may be temporary, so don't expect anything improbable. Always expect the worst outcome.
  15. Kellan

    1 BTC bounty for password recovery

    Why you couldn't restore it? Is it because the storage drive is actively written or it's been long time since the file deleted? If you could make a RAW copy of your storage drive, it could be used to obtain the .txt file.
  16. Kellan

    Bitcoin Core HD Wallet

    What's the "inactivehdseed" in dumpwallet? My wallet is encrypted since day 1.
  17. Kellan

    Why do whales move Bitcoin around from wallet to wallet?

    So now people control transactions from those who have a lot of bitcoins? do these people who have many bitcoins have no right to do whatever they want with their bitcoins? should they be saying what they will do with their own bitcoins? then comes to say that governments are controlling and we...
  18. Kellan

    Companies that allow adult ads?

    jucey ads and a-ads best for earning a-ads some time use adult ads but i think many site are offer adults ads search it you will find it i am sure
  19. Kellan

    TAKE A TEST — Which cryptocurrency are you? ₿

    I thought that I'll be getting Bitcoin as it's always my first choice. I like the description of monetary magic. It seems that there will be a blast for cryptocurrencies for me which I'm really expecting as long as I HODL til' the end. Karl, you should've show your own test.
  20. Kellan

    Does Currency Value Falls During Recession?

    Let us first understand that recession is an unfortunate turn of events where everything falls down in value , Fiat is something that will ofcourse fall too . But the reason we don't see that much difference is because: The government tries to control the market value by selling the shares with...