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  1. Liam


    Selling shares of a Scaffolding Company. Seeking serious buyers who knows or want to be involved with scaffolding business. At the moment I`m a ONE man Company with total sales of 50 000€ in 7months and in the next 5 months will be about 5-10 000€/month, so 1 year sales is about 75-100 000€...
  2. Liam

    A couple of questions regarding Schnorr MuSig algorithm math notation

    Reading the "Simple Schnorr Multi-Signatures with Applications to Bitcoin" by Gregory Maxwell, Andrew Poelstra, Yannick Seurin, and Pieter Wuille .pdf link. I have some questions about some notations. I am generating a signature but the verification doesn't pass which leads me to believe I am...
  3. Liam

    Generation of addresses with unique 2-char postfixes (from a seed). 1225 limit?

    I wrote a little tool on JS which generate addresses with unique postfixes. It derives addresses from bip39 mnemonic and uses increments of bip44 derivation path. What surprised me is that the total number of these addresses is somehow limited to 1225 (I ran increments into 1M, but the unique...
  4. Liam

    🛑 🛑 If Your Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet Is Lost, Stolen then what to Do? 🛑

    If someone steals your physical hardware wallet, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they have access to your coins. They would also need to know your PIN or password that you created when you first set up the device. (Ledger devices ask for you to create a 4-7 digit PIN) Also as an additional...