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  1. Seven

    Article about the blockchain and Bitcoin scaling. This article about how Bitcoin and in general the blockchain is scaling is very interesting. I am not the author but I though it was very educational, and should belong here.
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    South Korea and Australia, they are bitcoin pro

    Bitcoin is winning digital war in South korea and Australia. They will replace some physical licenses into digital formats. In S. korea, Seongnam's payment already have integrated digital certificate into existing payment system. In Busan, visitor can pay service charges with byc/eth. And...
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    Smart contracts - How smart are they?

    Terms of a relationship in standard contracts are enforced by laws. How about Smart Contracts on a Blockchain?
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    Can someone help confirm this?

    I’m just trying to load my BitPay card and it’s been 6 hours now. It’s never taken anywhere near this long. Any help is appreciated. c6729d296b939dedd0b3f2d1298d1c3aa11db84dcb200397604888f378d3819f I’m willing to pay a small fee if necessary. Thanks!