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  1. Cayden

    Who's paying for transaction fees in Loan?

    I've had some coins sitting in my wallet, and think if I can grow by making some interest by lending them, however due to the recent rise of transaction fees, sending $5 is like sending $6 sometimes more, who's going to be responsible for the fees? What's the standard practice on this? Thanks...
  2. Cayden

    How many people could lightning network support at the moment?

    How many people could lightning network support at the moment? Assuming enough bitcoin went into the system, could it support 100M, or 1B or 5B users? Or would we need to tweak the routing algorithms more for such numbers?
  3. Cayden

    Is there any service up yet that provides Lightning API?

    Like we have or for on chain transactions, do we have something similar for Lightning Network? To be specific, I am looking for the following functions through Lightning API... - generating a Lightning address - getting a callback while...
  4. Cayden

    Multisig wallet: how to advice the 2 "confirmator"?

    Hello I heard about multisig wallet (an app, not paper wallet) and I am wondering how this does work in practise especially if lets say 2 of the 3 persons are georaphically not at the same place... Questions: 1. Do such multisig wallets include a feature in order to be able to advice the 2...