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  1. Cayden

    Who's paying for transaction fees in Loan?

    I've had some coins sitting in my wallet, and think if I can grow by making some interest by lending them, however due to the recent rise of transaction fees, sending $5 is like sending $6 sometimes more, who's going to be responsible for the fees? What's the standard practice on this? Thanks...
  2. Cayden

    How many people could lightning network support at the moment?

    How many people could lightning network support at the moment? Assuming enough bitcoin went into the system, could it support 100M, or 1B or 5B users? Or would we need to tweak the routing algorithms more for such numbers?
  3. Cayden

    Is there any service up yet that provides Lightning API?

    Like we have or for on chain transactions, do we have something similar for Lightning Network? To be specific, I am looking for the following functions through Lightning API... - generating a Lightning address - getting a callback while...
  4. Cayden

    Multisig wallet: how to advice the 2 "confirmator"?

    Hello I heard about multisig wallet (an app, not paper wallet) and I am wondering how this does work in practise especially if lets say 2 of the 3 persons are georaphically not at the same place... Questions: 1. Do such multisig wallets include a feature in order to be able to advice the 2...
  5. Cayden

    What difficulty do you face on trading bitcoin?

    I personally live in a country where BTC is legalized as a digital asset, but not for payment tools. So that trading BTC doesn't meet any difficulties on the law. However personally I have difficulties in analyzing the market chart, still cannot analyze exactly when uptrend and downtrend...
  6. Cayden

    Someone booked a hotel using bitcoin

    This is good about bitcoin but it is not new again, there are some countries in Europe that use bitcoin like money, beside using it to book for hotel they also use it for many daily transactions like using it to make order in bar, this is common in Ljubljana and Prague. I can use it to book for...
  7. Cayden

    Why most people think Bitcoin is a scam?

    Because they heard about dome scams which have been done with bitcoin or they have heard about hack where bitcoin was demanded. In my country, the very basic idea about bitcoin is- it is way of earning money, it is a darkweb currency. I doubt this people ever had any investigation other than...
  8. Cayden

    Is there a Fake Bitcoin?

    We can identify them as a fake bitcoin because they think they it is the real bitcoin. They are saying that the bitcoin that we are using and holding right now is not the plan or the visual of the creator of it, Satoshi Nakamoto. The reason there are a lot of these altcoins saying they are the...
  9. Cayden

    If Recession Kicks In, How Will Bitcoin Perform?

    This is a really great insight Kelvin, "the 2008 recession has redefined the financial industry. This one will redefine the way we live", this fact is already becoming a reality. Again, what do you think about commodity-backed cryptocurrencies, maybe a silver-backed, gold-backed, a...
  10. Cayden

    Counter-Strike Skin Economy

    There are tons of games with this type of idea nowadays but counter strike skin economy is the biggest of them all. There is gambling going on just purely based on skin economy as well where you spend a certain amount and get it back if you are lucky with other skins and not money. I personally...
  11. Cayden

    Why most people think Bitcoin is a scam?

    The reason it is considered a scam by many is ignorance as stated by another member above. Once the same people find out that Bitcoin has the most robust security and understand the purpose of decentralization they change their mind. After finding how it works it might be more of a threat to...
  12. Cayden

    Is there a Fake Bitcoin?

    Yeah there are lots and if you do try to search up on CMC then you can find these Bitcoin shitcoins. BitcoinCash(BCH) BitcoinSV(BSV) BitcoinGold(BTG) BitcoinDiamond(BCD) BitcoinPos(BPS) BitcoinHD(BHD) Bitcoin 2(BTC2) Lots of fake eh?
  13. Cayden

    Should we promote acceptance of "zero-conf transactions"?

    I agree that supporting zero confirmation transactions is a good solution. I've never seen a transaction not getting confirmed, and average people probably would not bother finding out how to abuse the system (especially in case of it being a crime and people being actually punished for...
  14. Cayden

    Do we need bitcoin?

    Bitcoin is a store of value and the main indicator of the industry, we cant live without it
  15. Cayden

    Stephen Wolfram" says bitcoin creator is known classified material

    Never heard of this guy before to be honest. Do you actually believe this guy despite knowing the fact that Satoshi has stayed anonymous all these years and will probably stay that way forever? So many people try to capitalize on the popularity of the BTC creator for their own reasons and this...