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  1. Jayce

    S/HDD FOR Bitcoin Core

    what is the best ssd for fast loading bitcoin code ? and how to improve speed technically
  2. Jayce

    Rockminer shortage

    I was wondering why Rockminer mining hardware is getting hard to find in stock any where. Eyeboot has stopped stocking miners indefinitely. Does anyone know of any other miners that have a good price per giga hash. A lot of my miners are the r-box 100 GH/s and I find them for around $60 - $75...
  3. Jayce

    Need 50 testnet BTC for experiment purpose, anyone can help? thanks!

    Hi everyone, I am doing some testing for experiment and academic research. I need to have around 50 BTC testnet. I tried get it from some BTC test faucet, however the allowed amount is pretty small per hour, e.g. 0.01 BTC testnet per hour. Can anyone help to contribute? Thank you very much in...
  4. Jayce

    What Development is still done?

    Hi, I hear that "Bitcoin has the best programmers" (Andreas Antonopoulos). Then: "Bitcoin cant be changed". I guess both is right. What is developed in btc? Or is it rather "around" btc?