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  1. Emerson

    Poon tang for bitcoin

    recently made a massive profit from my btc holdings. now looking to convert all that energy into something really beneficial. Anyone know where i can get some reliable poon tang for my money?
  2. Emerson

    Why don't we prune to scale?

    So, I got into an argument with a friend and we were discussing on scaling problems of the blockchain. As the blockchain gets bigger and bigger, why don't we just save the state of the blockchain (by which I mean all the utxos) every year and hash the preceding blocks, so we know that this is...
  3. Emerson

    Private blockchains connected to bitcoin's pow

    I have a clever idea in my mind which enables a private individual to create a blockchain and issue tokens while accepting some consensus rules between all parties. Using bitcoin's proof-of-work and It's re-org feature as the mechanism to reach consensus. This has nothing to do with public...
  4. Emerson

    What is the next big thing in Bitcoin/Crypto?

    Somethings I remember generating a lot of excitement at first. Mining, when it could still be done with graphics cards and early mining machines. Gambling, the early sites SatoshiDice and later Just-Dice had huge followings. Looks like there is still a lot of crypto gambling just split up over...