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  1. Oleg

    What is the main reason for this bull market

    We've been in a bear trend for quite a long time, and nothing goes down forever. So boosted with the pandemic shutting down businesses and global massive money printing lead the Institutional investor's panicking due to what might happen to the economy searching hedges against trillions of...
  2. Oleg

    What were the precursors of Bitcoin?

    i don't see any other relationship between bitcoin and torrent protocol other than both being peer to peer networks. otherwise bitcoin has the proof of work and the blockchain and is a consensus system with cryptography on top all of which are missing in torrent protocol. BTW Tron owner bought...
  3. Oleg

    Notorious Coinbase holding my bitcoins in name of 'Review' | Be careful

    I am not quite sure how my suggestion would be of any help but aside from directly making contact with coinbase support, you can also get some help by reaching out with their reddit moderators. [1] Moreover, there is nothing new with all...
  4. Oleg

    Will you buy BTC from PayPal now that they are letting people do it?

    yeah I certainly don’t plan on large sums purchased on paypal in my case. But if BTC is to go mainstream players with a paypal account can help it out. To hodl 20-100 usd is fine for a paypal account. The way it is structured at the moment it is designed for hodl. So I am going to do that...
  5. Oleg

    Bitcoin shoots past $19,000 as new ATH awaits

    It would reach up to $20,000 by the end of this year. however, if something goes wrong the price would dramatically subside like what we have seen last December 2017. you should not jump off and sell your house to invest in this green market because the price is still volatile and no one really...
  6. Oleg

    Where will it be by the end of this run?

    I believe one cannot be sure if Bitcoin would drop again drastically like it does in previous years after every bull run. So there is no certainty what so ever.
  7. Oleg

    EHrT (8Hours) - The next-gen ENJ-DeFi to go 100x Profit

    That's risky as the title indicates. For investors, don't be too hasty in investing whenever someone says you could get as much as 100x in profit. Be realistic and even if that's for real, you need to take time to research the project. Don't just buy because you have heard it somewhere that it...
  8. Oleg


    Seems like it. Just read the article regarding the accusations against the MATIC team's possible manipulation of it but Binance seems intent on defending MATIC right now. Though seeing as the price did do a sudden dive, even if it was manipulated, price is still price so yep. Basic trading...
  9. Oleg


    How do you imagine preventing an attacker from spending all your coins at once and sending most of their value to fee? E.g. you have three 1 BTC outputs which require that the output be a 1 BTC payment to address bc1apple. A transaction which spends all three at once to a single 1 BTC...
  10. Oleg

    Best Altcoin to Invest

    One of the large and very popular exchanges today is binance, the volume of trading on binance is very large. so there is no coin that stops trading unless the coin is stopped listing by binance For the best altcoins you can join, try buying some of the top 10 altcoins from coinmarketcap on...
  11. Oleg

    Binance: $BNB The Future of Exchanges.

    what was the ico price, when did it happen? very silent/quiet ico! how much did they raise during ico?
  12. Oleg

    Affiliate Marketing For Bitcoins?

    How about gambling sites' affiliates? I think this one pays more but its extremely difficult to find a gambler that will actually register when they know its asking for their data. And this is also for other affiliate program related to bitcoin. Most companies these days are just exchanges...
  13. Oleg


    The human power that is still needed in powerful work and robots only helps to carry on the work neatly and the rest of the humans will make it better for jobs, I think robots cannot change the economy in other ways but only help lighter human jobs. But this is also a lot of development about...
  14. Oleg

    My small (but growing) mining farm

    Great job! I too was curious about the airflow situation, but you would know better than we would what the temps around those power connections are. I imagine where you're located, overheating is less of an issue this time of year, so it seems like you'll have plenty of time to get some...
  15. Oleg

    Just hit 5.5 PH, & on our way to 8.3 within the month

    With 5.5 PH/s I would go solo... At the moment, this would produce about 3.5 BTC/week. Always depends on the costs of power, of course.
  16. Oleg

    Halving double-hash instruction count

    The math for a single SHA256 hash is already pretty simple linear operation. Transistor counts to perform this has already been optimized at the bare transistor layer with companies like bitmain and Co pouring billions into these optimizations over the last 5 years. I guess you could stumble...
  17. Oleg

    Should we promote acceptance of "zero-conf transactions"?

    Right now, Lightning Network is the only way to promotes BTC payments with lower transaction fees. Unless the exchanges we used is partnered with the stores we always wanted to go. Like we what we have with our local exchanges. Like for example shopee is somehow partnered with where...
  18. Oleg

    Do we need bitcoin?

    Bitcoin is very important for all of us since it can be the future financial system of the whole world if the mass adaptation occurs. It will make the economy of the whole world better and the basis of country's being rich is how many Bitcoin they have on their country although hackers can hack...
  19. Oleg

    The Rise of Bitcoin

    Give me a few minutes and let me consult my magic crystal ball.. .because we can definitely know what will happen with the price
  20. Oleg

    How do u get a place that has the electricity requirements to start mining?

    Does somehow pulling the electricity out from nearby cost alot. Any rough guidelines? Is there any rental location in a city where there tends to be more availability of AMP for more use? :s11: Or some kind of service that caters to these type of electrical needs? Juz look for industrial areas...