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  1. Brady

    Selling Digital Products With Bitcoin

    I am still wondering why I still have to see many digital marketers using and accepting Bitcoin. I hope that soon Clickbank, JVZoo and Warrior+ will soon be accepting Bitcoin as one of the many ways to pay for their digital goods. I think that the market for digital goods is very big and with...
  2. Brady

    How 51% attack is deterministically implemented on testnet?

    Just for scientific reasons! How 51% attack is implemented on testnet. I want to see the results visually ? Is disconnecting one node from chain for some time will do the it properly or other nodes recognize it once it is added to the chain ?
  3. Brady

    Speed up syncing of bitcoin core when the blockchain becomes colossal

    Something occurred to me a few days ago while I was daydreaming in a lecture, I focused on a slide that said that hardwired hardware is much faster than modifible hardware inside a cpu. Does this also work with bitcoin? If there was for example: an asic chip for sha256 and an asic or a cpu...
  4. Brady

    Small Transfers

    I am setting up a website that pays affiliates 2 levels deep commissions for helping us sell ebooks. The commissions to the first person is $18.75 and the other commission is $5.00 I want to pay in bitcoin. So $18.75 USD worth of BTC and $5.00 USD worth of BTC I am completely NEW to...
  5. Brady

    Trading using someone else's funds

    You can always open separete positions with your friend's money and the exchange will keep track of everything for you. You have 10 thousand and 3 thousand of his money. You want to go long so you buy a coin with 10 and then again with 3. When you take profit you sell 10 and sell 3 in a...
  6. Brady

    How much BTC would you need to buy to increase the price by 1 percent?

    I like your theory here but it doesn't necessarily mean you need over 90 million dollars to pump Bitcoin by 1% because technically you took your calculations in the wrong way and that is combining the top crypto exchanges where you don't necessarily need to do so because Bitcoin can be pump in...
  7. Brady

    Mining using Android ?

    how many satoshi one day mining using android??
  8. Brady

    Can i mine with Android ?

    You need miner/s to mine bitcoins
  9. Brady

    Do we need a mining services (cloud mining, hosting etc.) section? (Poll)

    Will u consider to include pools under mining services as well ? Moreover, I can see the poll Q has changed. I voted for Do we need a cloud mining section?, but now the Q is asking Do we need a mining services section in mining?, which I did not vote for !!! You may or may not agree with me...
  10. Brady

    Pix of one of the largest Bitcoin mines

    Imagine the noise in there, they are probably using ear protection.
  11. Brady

    End of an Era

    Well, they might be seeing something, we are missing. These guys make long term predictions, based on stats they have now, and if projections look bad and margins thin, it might be better to climb out, whilst everything are on the up and up.
  12. Brady

    What difficulty do you face on trading bitcoin?

    Bitcoin isn't really illegal in our country, heck there isn't much news that are about crypto as far as I can recall. That or I'm just ignorant, but I'm pretty sure it's legal. You should just probably hodl bitcoin for the long term instead of trading. It's a lot safer and you wouldn't need to...
  13. Brady

    Someone booked a hotel using bitcoin

    This is really familiar news for me because I have read an article before that uses bitcoin as a way of payment on some transactions in the hotel booking but anyway, this news is really great, thanks for informing us especially those beginners. Bitcoin becomes more familiar in a different...
  14. Brady

    Why most people think Bitcoin is a scam?

    In my opinion, most people don't think Bitcoin is a scam, I've attended seminars and talked to a number of people about it and I was mostly met with enthusiasm and interest in understanding it. People who see bitcoin as a scam are those who would consider anything which is different from their...
  15. Brady

    If Recession Kicks In, How Will Bitcoin Perform?

    Bitcoin will follow the stock market, as it did in the recent pandemic-related crash. That is, every market crash will have a corresponding bitcoin crash. They are correlated, as bitcoin is being traded without the speculators having it, and the exchanges are allowing these trades to dictate...
  16. Brady

    Cryptocurrency can not replace fiat currency.

    Many countries have now started developing their national digital currencies, which will have to replace their national Fiat currencies. In order for cryptocurrency payments to become available in hard-to-reach places, we only need access to the Internet.
  17. Brady

    Why most people think Bitcoin is a scam?

    Very true! I guess each countries has this kind of individuals who deceives people to believe that investing Bitcoin through their company is very profitable and gives a promising return. This is where they start to suspect that Bitcoin is a kind of scam. Same scenario just happened in the PH...
  18. Brady

    Is there a Fake Bitcoin?

    There might be no equivalent scenario as the fake fiat money you mentioned, since there is no way another coin can pop up in the mainchain, but somebody can trick you in various ways. Which is why having a general idea of how bitcoin address looks like is important. If you scroll through this...
  19. Brady

    Do we need bitcoin?

    Actually this is good for paypal. Not (only) for bitcoin.
  20. Brady

    Stephen Wolfram" says bitcoin creator is known classified material

    Did you actually listen to this video? Video doesn't implicate anything like this. I don't even know how did you get to make that leap. Yeah, there are trade secrets and governments have tried to keep some encryption technologies secret, but there's not even a hint in this video about the things...