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  1. Kingston

    11 days and transaction still uncofirmed

    Hello all. I am new to bitcoin. 11 days ago I sent I sent over 0.0089 btc to my ledger nano s and still haven't received (ledger says "Not confirmed (0 confirmations)". Being that this is the first time experiencing such an issue I thought nothing of it but as the days go by I start to wonder...
  2. Kingston

    Fire hazard and bitcoin mining at home

    Hi, Yesterday my friend caled me and said that one of our mining equipment was on fire, while they sleep. he woke up and then had to air out the apartment for 3 hours Now when i think about it its crazy that people have high voltage equipment, that is getting realy hot, AT HOME? From now i...
  3. Kingston

    Bitcoin explorer

    Is there a tool or website to explore Bitcoin. How many nodes are connected to Bitcoin network? The current amount of mined Bitcoin - total circulation supply. How many bitcoin addresses are used in Bitcoin mining.
  4. Kingston

    Using crypto to help Hong Kong

    Anybody else working on this? Some Bitcoin community members in Canada have gotten involved due to the high number of Hong Kong expatriates here... they're helping them with security issues. The most notable beneficiary of support has been Alliance Canada Hong Kong--Google them to find lots of...