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  1. Jermaine

    Do invalid keys in BIP44 path matter?

    Reposting the question from BitcoinSE, since didn't get a response there: I understand not all private keys are usable as they fall outside of Secp256k1, but do they really matter when the master node or path being derived in BIP44 generates a private key which isn't usable as those nodes (keys...
  2. Jermaine

    [~1 BTC Bounty]

    Hello, I am offering up to 1 BTC to help recover my funds. The situation is as this: 5.87750550 BTC is stuck. I am offering 0.277 BTC as a miner fee, and up to 0.7 BTC to a person(s) who can help me retrieve it. The address is a seg-wit address created with an uncompressed private key. This...