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  1. Clayton

    Does it matter

    Hi, is there any difference if I want to buy bitcoins, from which site to do so? Is there a list sorted where trusted sites are on top?
  2. Clayton

    Do I need to compile a wallet each time I do changes to it?

    Hi. I was wondering if there's any faster way to see how the wallet is looking like / functioning, than compiling it each time after changes?
  3. Clayton

    Deep cold storage

    Hi all, newbie here. Was watching one of Andreas' videos in which he mentions his form of deep cold storage. He says his funds are: "held on keys that are not initiated on any device. They exist in such a way that they're encrypted with a memorized passphrase which I have also communicated to...
  4. Clayton

    Dose meme helps a crypto to be viral?

    In recent time i noticed such thing that in every new project or old project announced meme contest. Where they give such big amount in community for making memes about their project . Now what do you think is this memes really can attract investors?
  5. Clayton

    Trading using someone else's funds

    Personally, it's quite risky to trade with another person's fund. It's like their life is balancing between your decisions and whatever happens, you are responsible. That's what I felt when I tried a community account trading fund. It's not as big as yours when it's around ~$10000. Just a small...
  6. Clayton

    How much BTC would you need to buy to increase the price by 1 percent?

    Well, it is solely considering the price movement that the link provided by OP gives tbh. Other factors can be moved aside for now, but we all know that there are still underlying factors that influence price, from influencers to market news, etc. However though, a price tag of 91 million USD to...
  7. Clayton

    Mining using Android ?

    It will takes years to solve a block if you ever get one at home with an old pc Better just buy the coins Imo than try to mine at home now
  8. Clayton

    Can i mine with Android ?

    There are apps but there is no way you can make even a penny, you will kill your battery and just slow down your phone, if you want to mine look into Antminer and buy a sha256 device
  9. Clayton

    Do we need a mining services (cloud mining, hosting etc.) section? (Poll)

    Yes please. It would me a great section.
  10. Clayton

    Pix of one of the largest Bitcoin mines

  11. Clayton

    End of an Era

    Should have sold it when times were good. A little curious on why anyone want to buy the pool at times like this.
  12. Clayton

    Someone booked a hotel using bitcoin

    Since January of this year, Hotel Eurobuilding in Caracas, Venezuela began accepting bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The Hotel has a crypto ATM called Cryptobuyer Pay that will accept payments in cryptos. I think adoption is underway in some countries. We just need to get out of this...
  13. Clayton

    Why most people think Bitcoin is a scam?

    In short "You cant please everyone" even people do able to see on what bitcoin had achieved but still they do put up into their minds that it cant still be trusted and do still remain to trust up fiat in the end of the day.So what would be the solution? better just ignore and just free up...
  14. Clayton

    If Recession Kicks In, How Will Bitcoin Perform?

    The looming crisis is just around the corner, almost all of the economy around us are in the brink of collapse like the US. And there are predictions that it will take like 5 years for their economy to fully recover and restored pre Covid-19, but it is debatable though. Regardless, crypto...
  15. Clayton

    Cryptocurrency can not replace fiat currency.

    I think that stablecoins are quite suitable for a currency that can be used in daily life. We won’t be able to immediately switch to bitcoin, because we still continue to use the dollar.
  16. Clayton

    Why most people think Bitcoin is a scam?

    From the beginning, all good discoveries have overcome various obstacles. So, the same goes for bitcoin as well. Few people will think its Ponzi or scam, but eventually, they will be forced to believe in bitcoin when they will realize how bitcoin is recognizing. We can't stop their mouth right...
  17. Clayton

    Is there a Fake Bitcoin?

    There are many fake bitcoins or say duplicates from the fork and I think these fake coins can still be traded on major exchanges so they are still valuable in cryptoworld in these fakes, but the fake ones in any bitcoin, the type of coin can still be used even though it is on a low exchange. And...
  18. Clayton

    Do we need bitcoin?

    In a simple sentence, who doesn't need BTC ! BTC is the most popular cryptocurrency.To be honest, everyone needs BTC, but for those who are middle class and students, it is like the new moon. As well as being a platform suitable for those who want to transact very fast, and it is also secure...
  19. Clayton

    Stephen Wolfram" says bitcoin creator is known classified material

    Don't easily believe on someones opinion since by watching the video it shows that he literally doesn't know on what he is talking,maybe he's using the name of bitcoin and the creator to gather fame since if he mentioned about it for sure he will be the content of the talks of the crowd. So best...