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  1. John

    3080s for mining...

    Am thinking of getting 3x 3080s since they seem really profitable ATM with nicehash, is it the right move ? or can i get a better ROI with different setup ?... power cost where is love is 0.096 KWH, thanks,,,
  2. John

    Lessons from the Past: When bitcoin's price stabilised

    That is really true word for crypto. It is like if you want to earn some money you have to wait. Like real world if you wanna make bread you have to wait fermentation.
  3. John

    How to Buy Bitcoin Cheaper

    I wonder how much the gap price will be when you buy bitcoin at p2p exchange? Is it the big gap price until more than $10 or $100? I still prefer to buy bitcoin from the local seller or local exchanges, at least, when I purchase on that way, I know where the address of the local seller or where...
  4. John

    Economic Privileges as Hostage: How it could Push Countries Toward China

    I believe this is literally the reverse of what is going on and China is not getting more customers, it is literally the opposite. The fact that countries realized that they "need" China or they would bankrupt made them realize that they need two things; One is have another place in the world...
  5. John

    Economy recovery Plan Global

    @Polo7 the US stock market shall rise because Trump needs it to rise before the election date, but will it continue to rise post the elections no one can really tell about this. Also crypto’s have not been able to sustain beyond $12k, hence for a bull rally to happen we first need to see...
  6. John

    Real estate vs. Bitcoin

    It is better to increase the amount of bitcoin investment than real estate it's demand is much higher as real estate usually controls the exchange rate. Real estate development and management activities conducted entirely under government management by any government ministry or department or...
  7. John

    Food prices doubled this year

    It must be happening to the areas that are locked down still. The only who will survive if it's going to take longer are the ones with the food supply which is why no matter how much the price will be, people are still going to buy. Businessmen are taking advantage of the demands and while the...
  8. John

    Uk covid update

    Compared to our country which has the longest quarantine in the world, the UK government is doing the right thing against the COVID-19 spread. They're also able to sustain their people during this pandemic. One of the best things to do for a certain country to control the spread of the virus is...
  9. John

    Why criminals prefer cash (Fiat) on top of crypto?

    People consider toilet paper and canned food and hand sanitizers a safe haven in times of pandemic. Bitcoin is just a risky, speculative investment to anyone who isn't thinking that Bitcoin will replace banks anytime soon, which most don't do. You can see by how it started following the stock...
  10. John

    Should we be scared of zero reserve banking?

    Sure. In principle, I think that banks should have >90% reserve and when it comes to completely canceling the necessary reserves... this is too much. It will be very sad to watch the fall of banks in case of force majeure - but I will not feel sorry for the banks. I will feel sorry for people...
  11. John

    Will bailouts become more frequent?

    i think 2030 next bail out .... or war lol
  12. John

    Boris is right a second lockdown could cripple UK economy.

    Crippling the economy is different and Saving people is another. -lockdown is essential!! -the jobs have to be shifted virtually -jobs needs to be created in a bigger number now -the wages have to be above a certain minimum -people should be provided with less interest rates -EMI and such...
  13. John

    The debt based Economy

    Well, here you are again trying to come up with a Bicycle. Do you think you are no different from people who once decided to use gold/precious stones as a measure of value? No, you are different. Ancient people understood why they needed gold and saw a direct need to optimize the purchase and...
  14. John

    Time for investment

    There are lots of project you can invest in and get great returns you should take your time to research on the various coins in the market and know their potentials before you invest in it because without adequate information you may make mistake and loss your money.
  15. John

    Taxless society idea

    I have idea for discussion. How it could work Taxless society: Independent world deflationary money for storing value (bitcoin, litecoin...) in combination with inflationary digital money from central banks valid only limited time to directly spend (buying goods and services) or you can change...
  16. John

    Partnership [Trading Fund & Investment Platform]

    I am looking for a partner who will inject capital to improve an existing trading group. We are a group of 4 traders been trading cryptocurrencies and binary options and want to open our trading offer to the public. We need a potential investor to fund the development of the project. We are...