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  1. John

    3080s for mining...

    Am thinking of getting 3x 3080s since they seem really profitable ATM with nicehash, is it the right move ? or can i get a better ROI with different setup ?... power cost where is love is 0.096 KWH, thanks,,,
  2. John

    Taxless society idea

    I have idea for discussion. How it could work Taxless society: Independent world deflationary money for storing value (bitcoin, litecoin...) in combination with inflationary digital money from central banks valid only limited time to directly spend (buying goods and services) or you can change...
  3. John

    Partnership [Trading Fund & Investment Platform]

    I am looking for a partner who will inject capital to improve an existing trading group. We are a group of 4 traders been trading cryptocurrencies and binary options and want to open our trading offer to the public. We need a potential investor to fund the development of the project. We are...