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  1. Maxwell

    [URGENT] Need help cancelling a transaction from a hacker [0.03 BTC bounty]

    A hacker breached my server and stole all the funds: A very low fee was used. Just got back server access and am trying to cancel the transaction. Tried zapwallettxes and deleting the mempool...
  2. Maxwell

    Mining using Android ?

    It may be a stupid question but I was wondering if it's possible to mine using our Android phones or iOS . I'am new at mining world and never mined , not even using my Computer . I've found this Does it really work ...
  3. Maxwell

    Any thought to reduce downloading time of blockchain ?

    It takes me whole 4 weeks to download bitcoin blockchain, is there any way to reduce downloading time? i dont know if this is feasible: take a balance snapshot for all the address existed before a special block,and take the result as a new genesis block,then continue grow the chain from after...
  4. Maxwell

    Coindesk & Cointelegraph give Fake News

    This is worrying because investors need good information and 2 leading crypto websites aren't delivering. I guess they don't have any journalists. They receive press releases, they send them to a guy in Asia (they probably found him on Fiverr?) to rewrite it somehow, and they publish it without...