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  1. Aayan

    C R Y P T O S T A M P with BITCOIN (solutions? thoughts & questions) - HELP!

    Hello everyone, Some of you might have noticed the success of the austrian crypto stamp based on Ethereum. I really liked it, but I have to admit, I still would love to see a stamp based on BTC. Maybe some of you see it like me. Well, I assume the Austrian Post decided to take ETH because the...
  2. Aayan

    Crypto Mom Hester Peirce Officially Sworn in as SEC Commissioner. Will this help

    Crypto Mom Hester Peirce Officially Sworn in as SEC Commissioner. Maybe now we can get more clarity from SEC on crypto regulations. This could provide a nice boost to the US economy. She has often been critical of the SEC’s rigid and unyielding approach to an industry still finding its way...
  3. Aayan

    Trading, gambling and binary options. Which one you prefer?

    Before I started trading, I started gambling in casinos, in freebitcoin, and it consumed me all day, in fact I think I lost much more than I won, today I prefer trading because you can make plans and strategies, some people It does not matter and they confuse trading as gambling and they may...
  4. Aayan

    Trading using someone else's funds

    I was laughing when I read that you are a successful trader but you still cannot figure out how to ensure whose funds are you using when trading. Anyways I will tell you how it is done. Suppose you have 10k USD which you borrowed from them and 10k USD of your own. Now your capital is 20k and...
  5. Aayan

    Toasters to Mine Bitcoins

    Neither refrigerators nor toasters belong into the internet. Have never been there, worked just fine. Stop the bullshit.
  6. Aayan

    Fire hazard and bitcoin mining at home

  7. Aayan

    ASIC vendors who sell with reputable escrow?

    The silence is golden and tells a lot about the creditability of the industry? Most legit companies {Not Mining related} would jump on that deal, why not with ASIC vendors? I was involved with a small fiber cabling deal, a while ago, and we got 34 companies who tendered for way less than that...
  8. Aayan

    Need help in starting mining

    i've an SP35 on it's way to me now to add to my rig. buy bitcoin, buy miners, buy beer. job done.
  9. Aayan

    Bitmain - Prices are Ridiculous

    That's a whole other discussion
  10. Aayan

    Nearly burned down my home due to mining farm (tips on how to stay safe )

    not the antminer only the asic cubes can post a pic of it later
  11. Aayan

    Are people giving up on Bitcoin too quickly?

    there are always a certain percentage of people in bitcoin world who just care about making more money using bitcoin which is why they think about selling all their coins on a small rise specially since this group have no understanding of what bitcoin is. in fact many of them have never even...
  12. Aayan

    Why is bitcoin so unstable?

    You have to keep in mind that Gold has been around and used as a form of currency for thousands of years. It's been used by modern day governments as a back to their currency. Gold has physical real world uses to boot. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency in it's infancy. Stabilization will take time.
  13. Aayan

    What are options to mine a profitable crypto on my computer.

    I mean technically there are a couple of coins you can mine with a. Phone but we're talking pennies, literal pennies per day for 24/7 mining and degrading your phone quickly.
  14. Aayan

    Bitflate (crypto with inflation) Mining

    We just launched a explorer UI for Bitflate coin.
  15. Aayan

    Antminer E3 not mining ETC after new Epoch

    Whats the solution to this? clearly 4gb gpu can still mine ETC because i have a couple mining flawlessly, thoe i dont this the DAG size has anything to do with this
  16. Aayan

    VPN for cryptocurrencies?

    Many answers and you can pick one from there Which VPN to pick?
  17. Aayan

    Bitcoin for thesis?

    It's good for the project study since bitcoin is now the future electronic money.
  18. Aayan

    where to find a guide for writing a mining software

    Why would you want to do that? Just look on github, and alter a miner to your own needs.
  19. Aayan

    Electricity backup for antminer's

    Agreed, fueled generators are almost going certainly going to cost you more than it is worth to keep them running. You need a battery backup/inverter system to charge while power is up and discharge when it goes out. Lithium Ion batteries are the only real option, I did a lot of research into...
  20. Aayan

    Solomining Hashrate

    on 10TH for solo mining it will take you Average time: 1060 days, 19 hours, 29 minutes, 32 seconds or if you are lucky maybe you get it in the first day.. so it is pure luck or you can stick on the .01 per day