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  1. Ezekiel

    What is good amount to start day trading is 100$ enough??

    Your question does not match the name of the topic you created. The important thing is not how much money you lost, because you can lose in one minute. The important thing is how much time you spent studying and practicing. The more the higher the likelihood that you will trade profitably...
  2. Ezekiel

    DEX : what features you want in it

    margin trading can be done already on defi exchange where they add sythetic assets. the ones you are seeing where there is iBTC and sBTC which is also paired with sUSD. i think the decentralize exchanges today are also going to be in that direction too which they may add their own for the...
  3. Ezekiel

    Your strategy in taking profit

    I don't have a fix rule about taking profits mostly based on the situation, if I feel enough profit and don't have more time to be online because need to do another stuff I will immediately take profit. I'm prefer trading BTC-Altcoin (1-100 CMC Rank) or high volume trade on that exchange
  4. Ezekiel

    FTX Review: The Best New Crypto Derivatives Platform

    FTX released a beta version of the new application with a number of improved features, it can already be checked on your phone
  5. Ezekiel

    Can i start forex with no risk of money?

    I don't know how young are you, but there's no such thing as trading with no risk of money, lol. That's why it's called trading in the first place, so I don't understand why people still thinks that you can make money out of thin air. If you believe it, then there's something wrong with your...
  6. Ezekiel

    Does auto trading bot make good profit ?

    Do not rely on auto trading bot, they are not that much genius which you are, you can trade more better than bots and can earn better than them
  7. Ezekiel

    Best Exchange for day trade?

    Thanks man, how did I not even see this..but my post fits both topics as I also ask how to trade to cover the fee charges Thanks for the link tho!
  8. Ezekiel

    Hire Crypto Trader

    I'm not sure anyone is interested, signals in trading are hard to believe. I have been out a number of trading and pnd channels
  9. Ezekiel

    Stock/Forex Trader and Cryptocurrency Trader

    Its just the same IMHO! They do only differ on market price movement but talking the whole thing on how to trade then its just similar but if you are a forex trader and tried to switch up to crypto then the first thing you would surely notice is that the price is way too volatile but in exchange...
  10. Ezekiel

    Is it worthwhile to trade the cryptocurrency on IQ Option?

    I never use this exchange but commonly I saw their ads that always pop up on my Facebook page, they actively have ads there. If you meant that worthwhile to trade, I probably say yes, but trusting them to let my fund sleep on their wallet. I will not do that, and I will not trust any exchange...
  11. Ezekiel

    Giveaway threads are not allowed

    Lots of peoples, big potential, just censored. And it's a good idea ? Why not a subforum ? And what's about giving away the 6k of donations peoples did to you to get a nice forum ? Peoples asking for giveaway threads that's why there is a lot. So we gave 6k to get pulled out ? We need...
  12. Ezekiel

    UNISWAP (UNI) is driving me CRAZY!!

    How are you planning to share it?
  13. Ezekiel

    Can I go into this crypto????

    It's actually tagged INKSNATION and I don't really know much about it. A friend of mine just introduced it to me and he told me the future is very bright I trust that there'll be more learned person in here to give me the truth about it
  14. Ezekiel

    The Cryptospace is getting Worst

    i think uniswap is just promoting too many crap this days, i get it that it is a dex exchange but still feels like a place for all the cabbage defi projects, lately all you see is funny project names without any clear goals or objectives, well, since investors don't find it awkward to invest in...
  15. Ezekiel

    I'm dumping my coins because..

    Many bounty projects turned crap in very short time, since crypto is unpredictable you can't know which coin or token will do very well, now that DeFi projects are trending big I will hold some of my tokens from the present project I'm promoting, it had good volumes and liquidity
  16. Ezekiel

    Ethereum 2.0 delays thread

    Ethereum 2.0 is a must but that will get another delay. Before this news has already released and this has already started by some core developers from ethereum foundation if the ethereum 2.0 implementation may get another delay until 2021. Just try to expect if that will come next year. Im not...
  17. Ezekiel


    Airdrops are free tokens given to those who will participate. As long as you will not give any ETH to them to get the tokens, it doesn't matter whether it is a fake one or a legit one. If it is legit and it will have a price in the future then good but most of the airdropped tokens ended up...
  18. Ezekiel

    How do you determine if an altcoin is worth investing in?

    Hey there. I am having similar opinion. Another aspect that makes sense - how team delivers experience. So I always conduct own analysis, evaluating many factors etc. So just wonder whether you are just following any project with innovations
  19. Ezekiel

    Where Are You Next 5 Years?

    Please Next time prevent using multi color post because it is very irritating . If crypto is still here?i will surely stay and continue supporting my currencies. who can tell? what i am sure is as of now i have earned at least double of all my capital since i started investing in crypto and...
  20. Ezekiel

    Fake token on swap platform

    Now crypto is going full of scam. Anyone can easily scam with the help of all these kind of swapping services. Uniswap is another scam going on. Many scam project listed their and owner of the exchange only saying to you DYOR. I mean what do think dyor Everyone is doing dyor but when you allow...