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  1. Calvin

    btc is slow!! Confimations problem

    Btc confirmations are slow!! I pay for fee so I Want to Get it Done!! Why? I did 2 Transactions one with higher fee but Still Not confirmed i sent out from Block chain wallet! Someone Better off Fix this Bitcoin thing!! I have used Ethereum and its fast it never took longer then 1 hour...
  2. Calvin

    Mining rig Difficulty?

    I can choose from 2-8129 i think, but its 32 (default) anyone willing to explain if i should change it and why i should or not?
  3. Calvin

    Sender recall

    I do believe that this could be advantageous in some cases: after a very long time sender should be able to "call-back" a still unspent UTXO Our current case: A customer used Samurai wallet (on our advice ) and backed-up the seed words from the devices as they were ordered (restore was also...
  4. Calvin

    Covid crisis & evolving phases

    As the covid crisis is evolving step-by-step, started as a health crisis it is bending towards economic crisis which is showing an elevation from physical to digital. Does Coronavirus pandemic will permanently change consumer behaviour towards digital currency?