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  1. Calvin

    Find out if you can get steam games cheaper in different regions

    Ya russian games is crazy cheap . I did not know that such a site is out there thanks a lot it will be great help . i play games using vpn anyway
  2. Calvin

    Did you use OKPAY to buy Bitcoin?

    I just looked at the information in several exchangers and saw that without problems you can buy bitcoins through OKPAY. This is a popular international payment system, which is available in many exchangers
  3. Calvin


    For me, its better to hire that have a good experience in designing and coding the exchanges that you want to put up. But in order to hire the best, you should be willing to pay premium price so that you will have a good exchange. Stay away from those that offer cheap price but will not give you...
  4. Calvin

    Where to start?

    Services section isn't certain of profit everyday. Somedays are very good, you are able to find many tasks, complete them and make a nice profit, but other days you won't be able to find anything, so come back tomorrow, maybe you have more luck. Or maybe you didn't find anything because you...
  5. Calvin

    Is there a way to raise money through public fundraising for sick friend?

    It would be better if you start a fundraiser in Justgiving or gofundme rather than doing it here in Bitcointalk. There are lots of scammers doing this and literally scamming the good people of the society, if you can post solid proof of what you are saying then I guess you will definitely find...
  6. Calvin


    I think this is the best idea i've ever seen in the inretnet.
  7. Calvin

    Bitcoin Bike-sharing?

    To open a business accepting only BTC is too risky... You need to be open to all payment methods otherwise you will lose money. I think no one is going to do this, at least for now, and if so, it's going to happen for a ideal and not for profit exclusively. About this bike-sharing business...
  8. Calvin

    (Gauging Interest)"lowkey" stylish bitcoin apparel

    Great. Large/baggy sweaters look great especially, and I'm not a fan of the generic statements that a lot of t-shirts make when they move into edgy topics like BTC. They might look better in lower case IMHO. Where are you intending to sell them? Will they be shipped to Europe?
  9. Calvin

    Is this a safe way to buy a nano s?

    Link from ebay says it is pre order to purchase Nano ledger wallet but this is not actual of it. Normally ebay reaches to more value what we are able to find in the parent site. I would not say this true or believable. please check with the reseller about the cost and go with it by checking the...
  10. Calvin

    Beware of "Antminer reseller" on Facebook.

    I'm trying to reach Neo at Bitmain. Somehow he got deleted from my friends list. The manufacturers need to step in and stop the price gouging. These people are spamming F5 waiting for miners to be for sale, then buying up all they can get, then selling them for outrageous amounts. Bitmain and...
  11. Calvin

    weird site but they give out free bitcoin, ive gotten paid b4.

    Even before opening the thread, I am sure there would be an element of scam in something like this and your post actually confirms it without any doubt. In this era of expensive btc, a site will just be giving btc for free without any from of commitment? I doubt that I am sure its when it get to...
  12. Calvin

    Projects you should start, we need!

    Seriously? If I may ask, what part of Africa are you from? If you are not from any part of Africa, then it is best you stop giving assumptive statements. Except the person in question is an extremely low life that doesn't have a future, responsibility or probably does not care about living at...
  13. Calvin

    is notifying users about new versions within the wallet a good idea?

    i want to have the discussion in general terms not focused on Electrum, but for what it is worth the notification is not an unsolicited message that you receive from some server, it is you yourself doing the check for update but automatically and in the background. i explained how it works here...
  14. Calvin

    Purpose of anyone can pay transaction

    Could you please give more details about the mechanism you exposed above ? Are there cons to the implementation of such a mechanism ?
  15. Calvin

    How to use brainflayer on each cpu core ? multithreaded ?

    Hi there! Best speed is on threads_count=physical_cores_count Following code generates random 64-char hex string and then starts bg processes and kills them after "$2" seconds. Code: #!/bin/bash trap "exit" INT TERM ERR trap "kill 0" EXIT let "thr = $(lscpu | grep -E '^CPU\(s\)' | sed...
  16. Calvin

    Number of connections

    You have already partially answered my question, but this detail eludes me: Here you subtract 8 from the default 125, resulting in 117. With the 865 example you subtract 8 again so, 857. Fine and easy to understand. Now the problem lies with the value 8 or less... What does maxconnections=8...
  17. Calvin

    Need An advice to learn Blockchain.

    There are literally tons of resources that you can read and explore. Here is a list of the Top 6 Free Online Blockchain Courses that include suggestions like: Coursera- Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies Udemy- Blockchain Technology: A Guide To The Blockchain Ecosystem IBM Blockchain...
  18. Calvin

    How to Generate a signed BTC transaction using Electrum and Trezor

    Good point but I am just dealing with one account in my case. Still good to know for the person who has multiple accounts
  19. Calvin

    How to manually verify blk*.dat and rev*.dat files?

    This is exactly what I want to avoid, hence my questions. If something went wrong outside my control causing the corruption on blk*dat and/or rev*.dat files, e.g. power outage or glitch, my full node should not be categorised as "misbehave node". There must be better mechanism to avoid such...
  20. Calvin

    Frozen Storage BIP Lockdown Mode BIP (ETF Fasttrack) (Please VOTE in Poll)

    the scenario you talk of is impossible. your scenario: "the wallet owner buys something using his wallet, receives the goods or service then asks to reverse the payment. What will happen then as he can easilly prove he is the owner of the wallet." in reality and with the frozen storage concept...