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  1. Daxton

    Trading using someone else's funds

    If you want to be a fund manager for someone's else money then it is always better to have their money in separate account then you won't get confusion with your profits and theirs.There are some tools available in the market to connect multiple exchange under one wallet but I am not sure about...
  2. Daxton

    How much BTC would you need to buy to increase the price by 1 percent?

    I didn't get it, it says that there was 90 million bought and 67 million sold, lets say 23 million for short and there was 1% increase. First of all we all know it will not be same all the time but lets assume for a moment that its always the same and 23 million difference means 1% increase...
  3. Daxton

    Mining using Android ?

    1) Software mining running on Android, or any other devices not designed for bitcoin mining, is incredibly inefficient. For example a Core 2 PC can do about 3-30 Megahash a second, an ASIC about 3 terrahash a second. This is 100,000 to 1 million times faster. So you need a million or so basic...
  4. Daxton

    VAT/CUSTOM for Mining rigs

    20% VAT in UK.
  5. Daxton

    Do we need a mining services (cloud mining, hosting etc.) section? (Poll)

    It would be nice to gather in a single section all cloud mining services.
  6. Daxton

    Pix of one of the largest Bitcoin mines

    what if someone destroy that place? how can they secure it?
  7. Daxton

    Bitcoin transaction processing stats

    Looks like you've spent a good amount of time writing these articles. I commend you for that. Very helpful information.
  8. Daxton

    Blockchain sending limit ?

    You can import your privatekey to and from there chose your fees manually. Right now we have close to 50k unconfirmed transactions, that's why your wallet is asking for such fees. But if you input them manually you can choose a small number but your transaction will take a bigger...
  9. Daxton

    Why most people think Bitcoin is a scam?

    People who think that Bitcoin is a scam are a small minority. Even your example Warren Buffet actually thinks that Bitcoin is a bad investment because it can't be fundamentally analyzed like he used to with stocks. He no longer says that it's a ponzi scheme. It's true that Bitcoin isn't very...
  10. Daxton

    FATF meeting about crypto

    Common let's not believe everything that cointelegraph writes just to make their article a little spicier. There are only two countries on the FATF blacklist and those, Iran and NK are not mainly there because of KYC or AML. FATF is a cooperation force, it simply issues guidance, it has zero...
  11. Daxton

    What can you buy with 0.01 cents (1 penny) ?

    1 penny is worth 106 satoshi today. If you have this amount in bitcoin on exchange, you could try your luck buying 1 satoshi shitcoins and hoping one day they will pumped. In Soviet Union a box of matches cost 1 cent. P.S. If you happen to be in Bratislava, you could have a lot for 1 cent
  12. Daxton

    The U.S. economy contracted sharply in the first quarter of 2020

    Yeah, that would be my guess as to the data as well. The bars and restaurants and average businesses being closed is only a temporary thing, and my guess is that most businesses will be back up and running relatively soon--and I would expect unemployment claims to drop as well. The only thing...
  13. Daxton

    Counter-Strike Skin Economy

    This is kinda how stock investors view crypto - they think it rises too quick and too much, and they see volatility so they say it's not a real investment, no intrinsic value, a bubble, etc. Ofc crypto has actual utility, but pure speculation plays a much bigger role in price discovery right now.
  14. Daxton

    Why most people think Bitcoin is a scam?

    Probably because of it having no backing? The idea of money that has a value of which they have no idea where it came from is quite foreign. I think they refuse to accept the idea that it came from the supply and demand of Bitcoin, and even if they did, they'd be asking, why is there a demand...
  15. Daxton

    Is there a Fake Bitcoin?

    Is there a Fake Bitcoin? Yes. Every alternative forked Bitcoin chain that isn't BTC and is using or claiming ownership of the Bitcoin name i.e. BitcoinSV and Bitcoin CASH etc., They even state in the license that they are a forked copy of a forked copy of the original Bitcoin BTC ... -...
  16. Daxton

    Should we promote acceptance of "zero-conf transactions"?

    I don't think it is a welcome solution to a temporary problem that is only happening when there are massive spikes in the mempool. Several initiatives have already been put into place to address this issue that we are facing every time a massive price rise is happening. Though not everyone is...
  17. Daxton

    Do we need bitcoin?

    In fact, if only people were morally upright and have the preferable character then Bitcoin wouldn't have been needed in the first place. Who needs Bitcoin when human beings and their systems are honest and fair? Nobody, nobody at all. But that is simply not the case. Human beings are not as...
  18. Daxton

    Stephen Wolfram" says bitcoin creator is known classified material

    A logical interpretation: If Satoshi Nakamoto is a target of almost everyone in crypto space and governments, the one who truly knows who is Satoshi Nakamoto and publicly announce about it will be a secondary target. If one person does not want to face with annoying things and even bigger...