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  1. Yadiel

    Launching a Marketplace - What to lookout for?

    The Alpha version of the Atheneum Marketplace (AMP) will be launching soon. It's our project's MVP. The purpose is to create a free market ecosystem where instructors and students can directly interact without institutional costs. For those of you that have launched marketplaces before (or...
  2. Yadiel


    The cryptocurrency market is among the most active markets that still has great promise. In the last couple of years, cryptocurrencies have experienced massive, volatile price swings, which have caused some crypto traders to thrive, and others go through huge losses.
  3. Yadiel

    Using Bitcoin Core wallet

    Hello there, Please excuse my bad English, my noobity "if that's even a word" and my long topic I recently managed to edit a Python code which generates random WIF private keys one by one and I made it create more and store them to a text file It generates up-to 10,000 per second on my i5...
  4. Yadiel

    Enough is enough! Good bye Bitcoin!

    I'm fed up with all this cryptocurrency thing. First off, I make tremendous loses due to being a newbie in this market. After a second thought (and accepting the heavy loses incurred) I decided to try again and re-invest in bitcoin, only to be told this few moments ago. I will not risking...
  5. Yadiel

    Collection of 18.509 found and used Brainwallets

    Hi, As been discussed many times before using a Brainwallet is a bad idea. I ran some test myself and found 18.509 BTC-addresses based on a brainwallet which also has been used in the blockchain before. I tried to compare my results with the results of other researchers but could not find any...
  6. Yadiel

    Please help with coins missing in transaction.

    Bitcoin Client Software and Version Number: Electrum 3.3.8 Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64 bit System Hardware Specs: i5 7300 2.5 GHz, 32GB ram, 256 GB SDHD Description of Problem: I was trying to exchange bitcoin for XMR via changelly. It said I only had 15 min to make the transaction so I...