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  1. Sacha

    What are the most viral crypto projects

    What are crypto projects that went viral fast? Can you name some of them?
  2. Sacha

    Robust Testnet3 API

    Hi! I'm looking for a robust API allowing access to testnet3 (pushing txs, browsing utxos, etc). I was using blockcypher, but it hasn't performed well. API was good, but now it disappeared. Smartbit API was also pretty decent and recently it also disappeared. Do you have anything else...
  3. Sacha

    Solo mining lottery

    As everyone story is different, we all pay differently for out power usage. I have decided to turn my smaller miners that will never make more than a few satoshies over to solo mining. I have had a few units over the years on pools hit a block so I thought I would just get some low units on...
  4. Sacha

    Is encrypted mnemonic technically possible?

    Since encrypted private key (BIP 38 which usually used by paper wallet) is possible, i wonder if encrypted mnemonic is technically possible? If it's possible, it could reduce attack vector where attacker could stole your Bitcoin immediately after stole paper or file which contain your mnemonic...
  5. Sacha

    Winklevoss Case for $500K Bitcoin

    Tyler Winklevoss wrote very interesting article called 'The Case for $500K Bitcoin' explaining why he thinks Bitcoin can go this high. I liked his comparison and boom from no telephones to smartphones, and all the problems with US dollar, oil and gold. With recent news about higher inflation...