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  1. Xzavier

    Do independent individuals have crypto wallet business opportunity over MNCs?

    There are immense business opportunities for individual players, too. The market of cryptocurrency has just started to bloom. What matters in crypto sphere is your business model and how you are coming up better than the already available crypto solutions. You just need to associate with the...
  2. Xzavier

    which books have you read

    So traders when I started trading I only knew about two indicators and nothing else after few days of trading I was in loss After that I googled ' top 10 books to learn trading ' and started reading books Trading in the zone Think and trade like a champion trading for living howard marks...
  3. Xzavier

    How is this possible ? A Recent transaction suddenly becomes invalid

    Hello everyone, Good evening sorry to bother you about this issue i got from a customer. i sold a product to him for $100 i gave him wallet and he sent btc $100 and paste me txid which i saw the payment in my wallet ( Unconfirmed ) surprisingly, this guy logoff the chat and i wonder why he...
  4. Xzavier

    Are people giving up on Bitcoin too quickly?

    I have been reading many posts that show signs to be that people are giving up on Bitcoin's technical development to become an actual currency, and also shows signs to be ready to sell after the next surge to ATH. I believe it's too soon. Bitcoin's benefit for improvement outweighs the cost in...
  5. Xzavier

    Will bailouts become more frequent?

    With every bailout imo strengthens the control the government have on the banks and other institutions and heightens regulations. I think we will soon just start to see government ownership of financial institutions instead
  6. Xzavier

    Uk covid update

    I guess the UK government is trying everything possible not to be caught in a more serious situation as they are planning more closure of the economy because if you limit interaction of people, buying and exchange that could grow the economy will reduce too. But I hope it works and for their...
  7. Xzavier

    Boris is right a second lockdown could cripple UK economy.

    I bet after the second lockdown (if implemented), there will be the third, fourth, and so on. Lockdown doesn't work except the military strictly disallows people to get out or get shot on sight. And after all the hassle and obvious massive economic problems, it takes only one zombie to infect...
  8. Xzavier

    Why criminals prefer cash (Fiat) on top of crypto?

    I have recently seen a few article on privacy coins and some crypto analysis service and it seems they were able to break some privacy coins tx although there was no Monero in the list. I don't know how much hard will it be for such analysts but I'm sure someday they will make it. Considering...
  9. Xzavier

    Food prices doubled this year

    This is happening in many countries as we are also facing same problem due to this Covid-19 many middle class and lower class facing some serious problems due to this hike in prices but no one can do any thing as governments are not giving their 100% due ro corruption and many other factors...
  10. Xzavier

    Real estate vs. Bitcoin

    I don't understand those people that are trying to offer and sell me their real estate properties. I understand that we are in a crisis and the situation isn't doing better for everyone else. But their prices are erraneous and didn't declined. They are in desperate situation and won't pull lower...
  11. Xzavier

    Economic Privileges as Hostage: How it could Push Countries Toward China

    Philippines and for EU on other side of the world. Only stuff that cant be acquired from elsewhere should be traded between such countries. Other stuff EU and Philippines should acquire from countries that are closer to them. This way a lot of cost the shipping and that shipping also add a lot...
  12. Xzavier

    The debt based Economy

    So if we change the system that money will be not Born from the debt? What will be other way then? And how it will be controlled how much money is given away to people to use it. This Question is specially for those who is against this debt based economy?
  13. Xzavier

    Donation for the development of the cryptoindustry

    A non-profit project that works for the benefit of the entire crypto industry for free needs your help. The fact is that we have come up with a solution to almost all the problems of the crypto industry that prevent 7.7 billion ordinary inhabitants of the planet (who are not stock speculators)...