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  1. Jesiah

    Trading, gambling and binary options. Which one you prefer?

    I disagree with your statement as gambling is more of a productive way to make more and one of the easiest, surfer you have equipped yourself with the necessary skills and probably have luck on your side. Gambling and binary options have more similarities than trading since the act of trading...
  2. Jesiah

    Trading using someone else's funds

    I once worked at a brokerage company and the broker manages customer money... trading with other people's money is nothing new, but you must have good skills so that people who entrust their money to you are not disappointed and even sue you because of their loss. I personally do not believe you...
  3. Jesiah

    How much BTC would you need to buy to increase the price by 1 percent?

    An interesting read. I don't agree with your conclusion that an individual needs $91 million to move the price by >1% though. At any given time there are thousands of bitcoin locked up in various bots and orders. As we've seen in the past, a relatively small move is enough to start off a chain...
  4. Jesiah

    Mining using Android ?

    you need to read more .......a lot more
  5. Jesiah

    Fire hazard and bitcoin mining at home

    My biggest worry about my rigs is the heat coming from the cables. They got pretty warm after a day. Oh, and the fact that we were pulling about 6-9 amps from the wall on almost all circuits.
  6. Jesiah

    Doing a paper on bitcoin mining. Would you mind answering some questions? :)

    I answered but I got my asic's off ebay. All broken and I repaired them.
  7. Jesiah

    Do we need a mining services (cloud mining, hosting etc.) section? (Poll)

    yes its a way to get people into mining yes it gets other companies like amazon and ebay aware of and hopefully taking/using bitcoin no it's a rip off no it doesn't help keep bitcoin decentralized
  8. Jesiah

    Bitmain - Prices are Ridiculous

    Some people buy miners to secure the network...
  9. Jesiah

    Bitcoin-cli output addresses

    How did you put it out? Water? The fire was in a state which would have caused your house to burn down if you weren't there to intervene, did I get that right? Really sorry to hear that, that's something I'm afraid of all the time. And one of the reasons I won't go big with mining..
  10. Jesiah

    Someone booked a hotel using bitcoin

    Expedia has stopped accepting Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies for hotel bookings from 2018. Please check the facts and then reply. Please read this article
  11. Jesiah

    Soul shout

    To be financially free, one needs financial intelligence and the mastery of money without Which, every penny will be blow off. In some nations of the world, there are really no good opportunities for the younger generation hence they engage in mini jobs that leave them been slave to money.
  12. Jesiah

    If you have agricultural land would you sell it or hold it ?

    If you have agricultural land that you do not intend to cultivate, and you have a need for money, why keep such land? If, on the other hand, you do not want to cultivate that land, and still want to keep it, you can rent it to whoever needs it, remain the owner and generate income. I think...
  13. Jesiah

    New NVIDIA Geforce RTX 30 series GPUs

    Most probably nvidia will lock the bios and make it less efficient for mining. . We need compute drivers for nvidia gaming cards. . :-)
  14. Jesiah

    What are options to mine a profitable crypto on my computer.

    Good question but for that you have to search yourself. I suggest find some options and discuss here with senior members. Try to do the handwork yourself rather then finding it easily.
  15. Jesiah

    3080s for mining...

    I am not sure why to pay for 3080, when I can buy two RADEON VII cards for that price, which have 100Mh/s each...
  16. Jesiah

    Post your 5700XT Power consumption mining ETH

    There could be several reasons: Do you have the same components as Red Panda? CPU, Mainboard, other components... Maybe the power supply? Are you using 230 V or 110 V?
  17. Jesiah

    Bitcoin fueling to launch to the moon anytime soon.

    Ofcourse they want to it to jump because they are holding some bitcoin. Some also wanted it to go down because they want to invest on it, they want to buy it in a much lower price. Don't be caught by those sentiments that you are reading on social media. Think independently and be rational...
  18. Jesiah

    The Future of Bitcoin Technology.

    The government's first impression could be "Hell no". Why? How could they tax crypto other than taxing local exchanges? Plus, there are too many corrupt politicians, with systems being migrated to blockchain technology, there will be no more stealings, everything is transparent and broadcasted...
  19. Jesiah

    where to find a guide for writing a mining software

    if you ask, you never could do better
  20. Jesiah

    Electricity backup for antminer's

    Thats a good shout, I would probably buy an old APC UPS off eBay that has got dead batteries, then wire up the UPS to the old industrial batteries and let it do the work. It will then kick in when the power fails and automatically recharge when it goes back on again.