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  1. Toby

    Development & Technical Discussion

    Hey when can we see some Development on some of the major bitcoin problems? 1. Duplicate address creation (I don`t care if it is very unlikely it needs to be impossible) 2. Mass Adoption (I asked 50 people on the street today if they know bitcoin, 5 did, 0 could explain it) 3. 85% hashing...
  2. Toby

    Lessons from the Past: When bitcoin's price stabilised

    Lately, we have seen a lot of investors and crypto speculators saying that bitcoin's price movement is somewhat boring because it has been trading sideways for many weeks now. But I want to share something a similar incident or some scenario from the past. It was 9 years ago, early market's...
  3. Toby

    JSON-RPC step-by-step, help?

    How are you trying to connect to it? Most programming language have a easy to use jsonrpc library, or even wrapper for bitcoin core api calls.
  4. Toby

    Any thought to reduce downloading time of blockchain ?

    any idea how to share copies via torrent
  5. Toby

    United Nation Expert admit Digital Currencies Could Replace Bank Accounts

    I think this was rather expected however I don't believe banks will entirely disappear. They'll most likely adopt digital currency in some form that will keep them relevant and required.
  6. Toby

    The Rise of Bitcoin

    Truly the rise of bitcoin has started. I am overwhelmed seeing bitcoin price increase from $9k to $11k today. Wasn't expecting bull season to start so soon like this due to global pandemic. Now bitcoin has prove herself that crypto market is unpredictable. Nobody knows what the future holds for...
  7. Toby

    Covid crisis & evolving phases

    The COVID-19 crisis is spreading,not evolving.There's a difference between those two terms. Consumer behavior can't be changed just like that.If you asking about whether or not the people will pay with Bitcoins when buying bread and tomatoes,then I would say no,this will most likely never...
  8. Toby

    EHrT (8Hours) - The next-gen ENJ-DeFi to go 100x Profit

    Good day all. I hope that all of you are enjoying your profits on VTHO. The last time I have shared with you is the under-valued market cap and analysis on VTHO, and it has gone 5x-10x since my sharing. You can read my previous gem spotting here:
  9. Toby

    FATF meeting about crypto

    According to cointelegraph, In less than two weeks (24 June 2020) there will be a FATF meeting. In this meeting the states parties to the special financial action task force will start discuss about forcing all the crypto related services to ask for KYC. According to this rule, If several...
  10. Toby

    Where Can You Find Devs and Dev Teams For Hire/Collaboration?

    I'm looking for the opposite of this Project Dev group... That is, a group where the Devs/teams put their toes up first and announce the kinds of projects they want to work on and what their working requirements are. Are there any devs or dev teams who are interested in working on a...
  11. Toby

    Trouble syncing my bitcoin core

    Apologies for spamming the board again with my noob problems, I appreciate all the comments from everyone in the community. I still am having major issues syncing my blockchain with the rest of the network :-/ Not sure what else to try...? I have my bitcoin-qt running with the blockchain fully...
  12. Toby

    Difficulties, Vardiffs, etc - Help Needed!

    I have the following ASIC miners and would like to optimise hashing power, sound and heat reduction - hopefully for best mining returns on BTCs. Below are the configs optimised for least sound and heat, with best possible hashrate. 1. Antminer S5 at 400 Megahertz with default password, current...
  13. Toby

    Bitseed alternative

    I wanted to buy a hardware node from Bitseed but apparently, the site is not functional and according to their Twitter, they have been off since June. Does anyone know any good alternatives? (preferably from experience). Having LN as well is a plus, but not necessary.
  14. Toby

    What if you knew Huobi's private key?

    Let's assume that you guess the correct private key of Huobi's cold wallet. What would you do? 35hK24tcLEWcgNA4JxpvbkNkoAcDGqQPsP right now has 255,502BTC If you steal them, there are many bad cases. First of all (I'm not sure), they may find your IP address that you did that. If you send an...
  15. Toby

    I get exactly 21.000.000 coins.

    It's important to note that whilst the total theoretical coin cap is 21 million, it will never be 21 million. If it's a graph, the 21 million is an asymptote and the graph will tend towards it. The reason that it will never be 21 million is because the halving is never exactly accurate; Bitcoin...
  16. Toby

    Need a List of Good Online Marketplaces The above link is a marketplace which is created for buying products. This has got limited products, and this was created as a project. The services were tokenised and it gives way to spend with bitstash as well which is a native token available on different...
  17. Toby

    DEX : what features you want in it

    Hello Friends, If there is a DEX to be developed from scratch then what features will you want in it, which is not in other exchanges. How this DEX can be made work like binance. thanks.