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  1. Michael

    Facebook advertising available for DeFi projects!

    I own 4 Crypto related Facebook groups with a combined following of over 110k members. These groups are growing daily and the traffic can be considered highly targeted since every member are interested in Cryptocurrencies. Please contact me on bitcointalk or through one of my Facebook groups for...
  2. Michael

    Looking for Blockchain developer - new/experience/work for coin

    I will appreciate if you can share more information about your project with me, i shall let you know if i can complete the job successfully or not. The point of reference here is that i am interested in working with you but i need to understand what you plan to develop.
  3. Michael

    We are looking for a smart contract developer

    Even as a non-profit you need to have some working capital (aka: operating reserve). I'm guessing (i have not looked it up) that hiring a few programmers in Indian can't be that expensive. Of course, as someone said, you can reach out to freelancers personally and ask them to help you now and...
  4. Michael

    A few questions about a possible DeFI project.

    Do you have anything unique (features, technology, actually decentralized, etc.) to offer? If not, your project only will be "yet another DeFi project"
  5. Michael

    Any escrows for gift cards here?

    Why did you want to buy gift cards from this forum? A lot of the offers that you think are good, most of them are scam or that the cards that were sent are stolen, so escrow in such things is complicated and therefore you will not find many escrow member offering services to digital products...
  6. Michael

    Buying goods or services using crypto

    In my country you can pay bills using either BTC, ETH ad BCH. Your earnings can be used as a payment equivalent to your billing balance plus rebate. This is such a useful application and I can do freely anything about it. You can also but load, or pay merchants like credit cards all using your...
  7. Michael

    Cares Act- How will this effect the economy down the road?

    For those of you not familiar with the Cares Act, here is a good guideline of everything that's involved- I work in the finance industry and in particular with retirement plans. The cares act allows for individuals still employed and under 59.5...
  8. Michael

    BetterHash Mining Protocol BIP

    Just read a little on Corallo's draft BIP: that seeks to separate pool payout info channel from work info channel. Summary of main motivation: - more diverse block templates with miners allowed to construct their own - less risk of pool restricting protocol upgrades Stratum is...