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  1. Samuel

    Lessons from the Past: When bitcoin's price stabilised

    Lately, we have seen a lot of investors and crypto speculators saying that bitcoin's price movement is somewhat boring because it has been trading sideways for many weeks now. But I want to share something a similar incident or some scenario from the past. It was 9 years ago, early market's...
  2. Samuel

    Solomining Hashrate

    Hi there, does the Luck on on finding a block by solomining depend on the Hashpower ?
  3. Samuel


    I'm surprised there isn't already a discussion here about op_ctv. This is BIP 119: I'd like to specifically talk about the requirement of specifying an exact number of inputs that are required to...
  4. Samuel

    Best Altcoin to Invest

    Hey, I am thinking of switching from BTC trading to Alt trading. Consider me as a beginner. If anyone can help me in these things: 1. Best exchange to join 2. Best altcoin to invest in Thank you!
  5. Samuel

    I Need Backlink from ur site

    Hello.. I need backlink from your site -I will give you article with my backlink inside. and you publish it on ur website. -Domain name must over than 1 year old. and TLD domain. -PA & DA must 30++ -Don't delete the article after we have the deal. -Please contact me with ur website name if u...
  6. Samuel

    bitextrum exchange?

    I guess it's a lesson learned. Next time you should endeavor to first look for reviews, scam accusations or even ask for assistance from members in finding out if the website you are about to send your money to is legit. Just because it looks legit doesn't mean it's not scam. Scammers are...
  7. Samuel

    We are looking for a smart contract developer

    Looking into your white paper
  8. Samuel

    A few questions about a possible DeFI project.

    Then you should research again how many DeFi projects out there. What kind of thing you're trying to build? Lending protocol? There's dozen of them. Yield platform? Pretty sure there are more than 10 of them. What else? If you don't have anything unique and useful, pretty sure your project will...
  9. Samuel

    Any escrows for gift cards here?

    I won't escrow a gift card unless I know the seller of the card very well. The chance of fraud is much higher on gift cards. The card could be one of 20 gift cards purchased with a stolen credit card. This can leave the escrow in a legal issue. Vs escrow of an antminer mining unit. Much...
  10. Samuel

    Buying goods or services using crypto

    Maybe you can check this link, Personally though, I'm lucky that the wallet provider that I'm using allows us to pay our bills thru their services so I'm taking advantage of it. But as far as buying good online using...
  11. Samuel


    A service robot is a robot that performs useful tasks for humans or equipment. It is used for commercial task, usually operated by a properly trained operator. Examples are cleaning robot for public places, delivery robots in offices or hospitals, fire fighting robot and surgery robot in...
  12. Samuel

    Consumption tax on Cryptocurrency?

    It seems, there was 8% exemption of Japanese Consumption Tax (JCT) by the holders of Japanese cryptocurrency. Is is true? Source: News