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  1. Miles

    What is good amount to start day trading is 100$ enough??

    If you have the stop loss option for 5% then you can lose it 20 times, if it is 10% then it is going to be 10 times. But the capital $100 is really good to start with not for profit-making it is enough for learning purpose,once you started to make money then you can move to huge capital which...
  2. Miles

    Your strategy in taking profit

    I think I venture on staking coins. Personally I do trading from futures contract, even shitcoin and staking is my most favorite cause its really easy. I am staking mantra dao OM on bitmax with an 88% APY then its a cool profit indeed. I also love putting my busd on binance doing farming new...
  3. Miles

    Difference Stock Trading and BTC trading

    They are completely different worlds. There are hardly fundamentals when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Fundamentals are different in the regular stock market because these stocks are back by real life companies that are producing goods or services of some kind. They are not just simply some...
  4. Miles

    FTX Review: The Best New Crypto Derivatives Platform

    FTX released 4 video podcasts, he will tell and share his experience with the encoder Mike Van Rossum
  5. Miles

    Can i start forex with no risk of money?

    There is a saying that no risk - no reward so this fits in totally because anything that you want to trade or invest will be carrying with it the inheritance risk. If anything can be 100% income proof, then everyone would be doing the same thing and there would be all rich people on earth but...
  6. Miles

    Does auto trading bot make good profit ?

    Indeed you should not try this because the fact is that trading will never be good with a bot, a bot can really fuck it up in my eyes
  7. Miles

    Best Exchange for day trade?

    I know Poloniex is best exchange site for day trade because have most of volume in crypto market on the world's Poloniex fee exchange: bid, ask first 0.15%/order; instant buy/sell with bid/ask available 0.25%/order Bittrex, Kraken, Hitbtc are exchange site have good volume for trade after...
  8. Miles

    Hire Crypto Trader

    If you're going to hire a trader you might as well just go to eToro and use their Copy Trader feature. At least you could actually see the traders' past performances, rather than hiring some random person online
  9. Miles

    Stock/Forex Trader and Cryptocurrency Trader

    I would say it should be more like "stock trader and forex/crypto trader" because in reality stock and forex has a lot of difference whereas crypto and forex does feel a lot more similar considering crypto is also currency and in forex you are trading currency as well so basically crypto trading...
  10. Miles

    Is it worthwhile to trade the cryptocurrency on IQ Option?

    Even the most legit platforms in the market will really have some negative words on it, neither those are valid or legit reasons or just typically some bad calls for competitor. IQ option were legit and they had been known on this business for a while and lots do still trust this platform up to...
  11. Miles

    best trading sites?

    As a lot of the post recomended here, better to use bittrex for trading. There are a lot of coins to choose from but currently they are not accepting new user due to that there are so many users are using it. You can also try bitfinex and binance, they have a new refferal system I think right...
  12. Miles

    which is a good option?? Trade or Hodl

    If that is the option, I suggest holding the coins than to trade. But if you know about trading, it is better to trade that coin to make a profit. That will depend on the market itself. If the coin price has a good move at the market, you can expect to make a profit, but if the price does not...
  13. Miles

    Binance compared to other Crypto Exchange.

    I have used bittrex to trade cryptocurrency in a long time ago, but now I don't use it anymore just because they deleted my account when they upgraded their website (it's my fault because I didn't read their email but I still hate them). In Binance I find them very professional, they solve their...
  14. Miles

    Coin Shilling Question

    Hello, its okay mate. Dont be jealous at least your safe and free from harm of those gamble on defi projects. Im saying I am risking it cause I know also the consequence. I even risk my 1eth and become 0.011eth value. Its like gambling, study chart, take a deep breath and watch out for possible...
  15. Miles

    What actually makes a token pump?

    It depends on the institutional investor, also depends on whether the organization wants to go far or just speculate short-term with the project. in the past we have projects like WING, EGLD, RUNE and they are all listed on Binance. Therefore, not a project with a good foundation is worth...
  16. Miles

    Giveaway threads are not allowed

    Not sure how I feel about this. On the one hand Giveaways are good for advertising your coin while spreading the wealth around, but on the other defunct giveaways went unlocked with people constantly posting causing spam. Wouldn't it be better to monitor and lock what can be considered dead...
  17. Miles

    UNISWAP (UNI) is driving me CRAZY!!

    My sincere congratulations, I got my UNIs too and it feels like second christmas. Supporting the project during early days really pays off now, got to believe in what you're investing in time and effort
  18. Miles

    Can I go into this crypto????

    I suggest to find another crypto where to invest with because I really not heard it or see it in any social media beside there are many tokens or coins out there which will give you a lot profit but if you are going to invest on that coin well it's up to you
  19. Miles

    The Cryptospace is getting Worst

    It is definitely going to happen when people will blindly chase each new project without even realizing the nature of the project and investment. Actually this is the real fomo where people feel that if they do not invest they can miss out on huge gains. I just hope that people in this space...
  20. Miles

    I'm dumping my coins because..

    Is it some random projects you have joined? Since there there isn't much progress, dumb those coins. Eventually the project will stop developing at all and the devs might start dumping the tokens/coins they hold. The coins will end up with no value and die. It is better to dump it if it still...