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  1. Lucas

    [BIG LIST] DeFi Projects & Tokens

    Hello to all. I decided to share a list of projects based on DeFi, as well as a list of DeFi tokens. I often refer to this data and it will be convenient if all this is in one place. Hope someone will find this helpful too. All links are clean. No referral / affiliate links.
  2. Lucas

    Looking for Blockchain developer - new/experience/work for coin

    Hello. What is your ETH budget for development of this idea? If you are serious about recruiting developers here, you'll need to post the idea. Trust me - it's not brilliant. :/
  3. Lucas

    bitextrum exchange?

    It is a scam trick and it's been going on for a while. It's good to know that you were not greedy and therefore didn't fall for it. Basically after all the stories the scammer tells you, the so-called exchange will ask you to make a deposit of more BTC as a form of "verification" when you try to...
  4. Lucas

    Releasing new NFCT collection!

    Really interesting concept.. can I ask something that might be ultra obvious and simple: what are the advantages to users to get these NFTs and also what are the advantages to yourself/crypto club for developing them? It's a genuine question and your insight would be appreciated Vod.
  5. Lucas

    Internet shutdowns by governments are bad for corporate marketing

    Government don't shutdown the internet on the whole country, they are doing it in the particular region right? So not much of the economic activities are going to get affected and internet has been shutdown normally to stop the communication between local people and outside people so no one...
  6. Lucas

    Would you lend your cryptocurrencies?

    Trusting other people is one of the hardest things to do in this world. People always try to steal others money and they can not stop their greedy to do good things. It reminds us the big problem which can not be solved yet in the decentralized system as well as the blockchain: Byzantine...
  7. Lucas

    My small (but growing) mining farm

    Some of you may know, I used to have my machines remotely hosted years ago. This was basically because the cost of power in Connecticut is the third highest in America. I knew I was moving to Michigan so in January of 2018 I started looking for a perfect facility. This ended up being one of the...