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  1. Nathaniel

    What is the main reason for this bull market

    Investors of all kind, whales, average joe see bitcoin as a hedge against this financial crisis that's why bitcoin is being the best asset so far in this pandemic. And then we have the halving, so even if we have this pandemic, bitcoin will come to a bull run no matter what. It's just the...
  2. Nathaniel

    What were the precursors of Bitcoin?

    You can find here a very long and detailed essay of mine, describing all Bitcoin's ancestors: Bitcoin: The dream of Cypherpunks, libertarians and crypto-anarchists. On the second page of posts you can also find a comparison made by me for Bitcoin and all of its ancestors. It was "hand made" to...
  3. Nathaniel

    Shadow of Destruction over Bitcoin

    Bitcoin is different than fiat or shit altcoins. Bitcoin is not printed or minted from the air. Total supply is fixed and block rewards are halved every four years. Cost for power bills and mining infrastructures (setup, maintenance, etc.) are high. Demand on bitcoin is rising and adoption too...
  4. Nathaniel

    Will you buy BTC from PayPal now that they are letting people do it?

    I'm an active user of PayPal, but I haven't received an email about it. Probably it's because of the region that I am from. Maybe soon? If ever I get the opportunity to buy BTC within the PayPal app, I would try to get some. Just to experience and let others know that it's possible now. More and...
  5. Nathaniel

    Bitcoin shoots past $19,000 as new ATH awaits

    The price will rise, but do not forget that the price of bitcoin is cyclical and soon we will see a decline.
  6. Nathaniel

    Bitcoin shoots past $19,000 as new ATH awaits

    this was the moment everyone was waiting for. the market is bullish and a new ATH will be reached soon. I only have a few bitcoins, not many and will hold them until the price peaks. If bitcoin is at a stable price, this will also be an opportunity for Altcoins to do a price recovery. This is a...
  7. Nathaniel

    Where will it be by the end of this run?

    Nobody knows. After that halving we are having one more crazy bull run. We are already very close to ATH and it looks like it will keep going up. This is best time to have fear. Do not buy more than you can lose. Be brave when blood is on the streets. Not now.
  8. Nathaniel

    Cloud mining with OXBTC

    There was no legit cloud minig site and your company just another scam. It looks like you are drunk by claiming you have 600k users. So many times scam cloud minig sites have spread the fake claim that they have a lot of users.
  9. Nathaniel


    I'm confused by this response. There are no private meetings, I've cast a very wide net for this workshop with an open invite on the mailing list, twitter, on, in addition to reaching out personally to many devs to make sure they were aware of the opportunity. Around...
  10. Nathaniel

    The next crypto to explode - Sentivate

    I haven't reviewed a lot on this project mate, we will have to wait for further developments that might be starting to bloom soon. For now always be vigilant in monitoring their community, because you don't know that there's a sudden change on the plans of the team of this project. The price of...
  11. Nathaniel

    ONE (Harmony) good to invest

    one of the IEO binance coins, I think it will grow and provide benefits in a long time, and also they might provide a staking system and you will get a monthly dividend of several% of the total tokens that you stake.
  12. Nathaniel

    I need 5 sources of revenue to generate $200 each per month - Ideas?

    I already have a domain name and a membership with wix that I got last year. So this is already in my plans and I agree with you that this can be one of the most stable things if done right. I am looking for more ideas. Zero experience with this. I'm afraid I'd lose more than I'd make.
  13. Nathaniel

    SOLO MINING - can i be bamboozled?

    61 THs is certainly a fair bit of hardware but keep this in mind: It will still probably be a very low chance of 'winning' a block with it. I run on CKpool (not solo, that is for my Lottery Sticks) currently with 208THs. Since Feb 2014 starting on EMC with 14GHs, unntil they shut down last year...
  14. Nathaniel

    The State of Cryptocurrency Mining by David Vorick (Sia)

    Ya I never understood it. Since ASIC's day 1 people have LINED up to give interest free loans to their competitors months in advance for a completely unproven product. I have mentioned quite a number of times the simple math of buying a unit from Bitmain (or anyone really) and it gives them...
  15. Nathaniel

    Miners: What kind of fee information do you see on our transactions?

    That's actually a good question. I understand how including the most txes with the most fees per kVB will mean including the maximum number of txes with the largest fees. But I can't help think about flat fee. Let's assume someone broadcasts a tx with a ton of inputs and a chunky script size...
  16. Nathaniel

    Halving double-hash instruction count

    Yeah, so currently a double hash is like 2000+ sequential operations, so there's a maximum frequency you can operate while you wait for the output. If you somehow could use just 1000 gates, you could run it ~twice as fast, right? Or is there some other limitation?
  17. Nathaniel

    Covid crisis & evolving phases

    So far, it looks like the pandemic is here to stay. Countries are apparently trying to adapt to e-studying through online classes.. There are also lots of people who've adapted to credit card payments instead of cash as well. which means we're clearly going the digital way. So yeah, to me it...
  18. Nathaniel

    Statistics about past mining profitability

    I don't think past mining profitability information will be much too useful in present day as there are too many people mining now with very extreme amount of GH/s.
  19. Nathaniel

    Consumption tax on Cryptocurrency?

    Tax on capital gains is most basic in monetary terms. The cancellation of the consumption tax that attempts by the state to attract investment in bitcoins and in fact the abolition of this tax will only increase the deductions in tax.
  20. Nathaniel

    EU Mining Farm under costruction

    My friend's 0.25MW farm is about 0.09E/kWh and 95% customers decided to switch off and leave. My other friend's own farm with 0.07E/kWh is already switched off. I wish you good luck, you will really need it, but I belive that 2019 will be S9 and similar profitable again with your energy prices...