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  1. Mauricio

    Discussion and support on the lightning network lessons

    There is no perfect answer for your query, to find the IP address you need to crawl for the DNS servers that return the IP address from the host machine with full nodes in the network which has the full merkle tree, the fact is there is never a truly decentralized solution
  2. Mauricio

    Transaction mining

    Your idea is similar with IOTA, except IOTA require you to verify 2 transaction & don't give you any coins as reward. Pool (whether it's centralized or decentralized) can do it better anyway. Besides, if we don't mine block, but only "mine transaction", there are other technical problem such as...
  3. Mauricio

    What happens to "unselected" transactions?

    Users with a full node can broadcast the transaction and the owner can actually choose to re-broadcast it with higher fees. Although that requires some more technical steps. However, the simplest solution is to just wait as a miner would eventually pick it up form the mempool. Although with...
  4. Mauricio

    Blockchain sending limit ?

    Nope, there is no way to have a sending limit in blockchain, we got people sending millions of dollars every day without having this problem. This must be due to the transaction fees generated on making the transaction. But I'm wondering why the fee from that small size transaction is kinda...
  5. Mauricio

    Where can I find the CGMiner Program zip file?

    I really don't know, but I am willing to try. But with the calculations that I did already that it would take me 6000 days to generate one LTC. But if you think that you have a better idea please tell me. Because I was looking at a mining pool group that could/hopefully increase my chances...
  6. Mauricio

    Coindesk & Cointelegraph give Fake News

    I would not call this game news. If you are trading using their platform, you will be credited back anything you pay in trading fees towards what you lost. If you are not trading, you would not receive credit for fees you are not paying. The blog pose also said they are exploring other ways to...
  7. Mauricio


    Always always always use reputable platforms especially when it requires you to deposit money. Don't just blindly use a platform that's advertised online, without you doing ample research about the said platform(asking about it here or on Reddit won't hurt too). This space is filled, and when I...
  8. Mauricio

    Philippines SEC warns against crypto investment.

    There are many PONZI in all industries, not only in crypto. Governments have not yet banned all industries because of PONZI. I believe they will not do it on crypto industry. Similarly, there are fake fiats and governments have not yet made a death penalty for fiats. New laws, new regulations...
  9. Mauricio

    Winklevoss Case for $500K Bitcoin

    It should be clear by now that the USdollar is just paper. People are getting that the game is rigged since its inception: a monetary system which is inflated at whim will be beaten by a monetary system based on game theory, economic incentives and controlled supply. A case for $500K USD per BTC...
  10. Mauricio

    There are 3 quadrillion times more atoms of gold than "satoshis"

    Carrying around Sats is way less heavy than carrying around atoms.
  11. Mauricio

    BTC Mining, Still Relevant ?

    As you are a newbie, i wish you are not reffering to Cloud-mining. Comments above resumed the actual situation of bitcoin mining. Note that solo mining wasn't profitable since a long time. However, you can still try with some altcoins if you consider investing a large budget to cover costs of...
  12. Mauricio

    Buy bitcoin with phone credits???

    I was still not into bitcoin by that time and like what the others are telling you. We rarely find that kind of method if you're longing to purchase bitcoin through phone credits. There could be somehow a way to make it happen but, it should be a p2p process, and if the seller agrees to pay him...
  13. Mauricio

    The Truth About Bitcoin's Green New Deal.

    This is stupid, you preserve energy by building something like this. Bitcoin mining spends energy, you can't turn a block back into electric power. This can be used to make these types of power more economically viable, but from a point of view of energy efficiency, this isn't a real solution...
  14. Mauricio

    1 BTC bounty for password recovery

    Which Escrow are you going to lodge the reward with, and, what duration will they hold the funds on your behalf while users are researching your password?
  15. Mauricio

    Bitcoin Core HD Wallet

    For that you can use the Code: dumpwallet "path" command. However, you should note that you cannot recover your keys with just the MPK within bitcoin core. If you wish to recover with just the master private key, a third-party...
  16. Mauricio

    Bitcoin address management

    You can read these documents for your interest. It does not answer your question directly but there are some points you can take from. Privacy-o-meter ( Privacy (Bitcoin Wiki)
  17. Mauricio

    Why do whales move Bitcoin around from wallet to wallet?

    To move coins means to use BTC for to pay something. Maybe to reorganize also keys, g.e. an exchange has a new ceo, so the cold wallet keys have to be different ones than before.
  18. Mauricio

    Companies that allow adult ads?

    just do a quick search maybe you'll find it. i think
  19. Mauricio

    TAKE A TEST — Which cryptocurrency are you? ₿

    I'm a bit disappointed about my result. I'm Ripple man and I never have tron nor try to used it. I'm sick of Justin Sun way of handling the project. The project is just a pure hype. I wonder where the fck does the inventor of this survey get idea of tronhas the power to change the way the...