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  1. Henrik

    Taxless society idea

    If you'll try to replace taxes with printing money (which is effectively a tax on owning money), you'll just destroy your economy, because no one would want to own money and the inflation would be much higher than what would you expect from simple calculations. Taxes can be very complex, there...
  2. Henrik

    Time for investment

    Go here Pick any coins that are in the top 10. Study it and do some research since you are investing in it and you don't want to blame anybody else just because they told you to invest in some coins. Always do a research before investing because your money is on the line here...
  3. Henrik

    The debt based Economy

    Let's go back in the past and just do barter. You pay what you have in exchange for the things that you are about to get food, water and other necessities. It's real-life trading of goods and services you have for another goods and services that you want. But, I still can see that debt could...
  4. Henrik

    Boris is right a second lockdown could cripple UK economy.

    The new lockdown will only worsen the economy of the city or state... Not only that, of course, the new Lockdown will also only turn citizens against the government because there is no certainty that the Lockdown is effective. Boris made the right decision.
  5. Henrik

    Will bailouts become more frequent?

    When the economy is growing the companies are whining about government regulations and taxes. When the economy is in a recession/depression all the companies want the government to save them. That's the hypocrisy of capitalism right there. After several decades,the US economy will reach a...
  6. Henrik

    Should we be scared of zero reserve banking?

    with zero reserves it is a disaster. When banks open, they must have reserves to prevent when the economy collapses or encounter some risks, they can still compensate. That is why central banks are so important. Bank reserve levels will also affect the economy much, so they need to calculate it...
  7. Henrik

    Why criminals prefer cash (Fiat) on top of crypto?

    Fiat is still widely used in mainstream economy, they have effective ways to launder physical cash and if it works why fix it? This is the problem that bitcoin critics uses to levy against it, they always think that bitcoin or monero will be used for illicit purposes. There is no true anonymity...
  8. Henrik

    Uk covid update

    Around July 17 , UK observed a considerable amount of decrease in the COVID-19 cases, but right now per day increase is around 4000 , which is actually a very high proportion as compared to the previous improvement. The fact is both the Government and the People have to make sure they follow and...
  9. Henrik

    Food prices doubled this year

    In the UK things a little bit higher but not by much. I think by average salary vs the percentage spent on food we have the cheapest food in the world, or near to it. When I compare France or the US food seems considerably more expensive.
  10. Henrik

    Real estate vs. Bitcoin

    As long as the governments are printing toilet paper money, the loanable funds will be available to the people to buy Real estate. This will just reduce the value of the Fiat currencies even further and increase the global debt. People should rather buy bitcoins and try to hoard it to create a...
  11. Henrik

    Economy recovery Plan Global

    This is how any asset price work. The price of an asset reflects the expectation about it, not it current situation. When you buy a stock, you will receive dividends in the future, not in the past or in the present. If the expectation is that the dividend will be small in the future, the...
  12. Henrik

    Economic Privileges as Hostage: How it could Push Countries Toward China

    I still believe that Duterte's war on drugs was a success. Thousands became collateral casualty, but the death rates from overdose and drug-related violence. Some of the drug lords were killed and some others were forced to flee towards "friendly" countries. Soft approach towards crime seldom...
  13. Henrik

    2020-2021 best year if You Want to become rich no skills needed

    Loans are probably a bad idea. If you're wanting to invest, set stop losses or alerts you can wake up to if a coin suddenly drops (its not unlikely we get a hack and an aeroplane has to land at some point...)
  14. Henrik

    Business / private sector is dead

    Business / private sector is dead As a freelancer in 2 months i got 4 clients only ... in my area 4 clients it's like your biz is dead... no matter how much you try to do marketing/advertising it just does not work ... I look at other peoples businesses same situation ... High Tech,Web...
  15. Henrik

    Processing payments in Bitcoin

    If you currently run a service and process payments in Bitcoin what payment gateway are you using? Alternatively, did you end up writing your own solution, if so, why?