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  1. Diego api wallet

    Hi I want to use their api to send payments from my site to users wallet so my questions are: 1. Can i send payments to users who dont use 2. Is this site safe to use? Thanks
  2. Diego

    Need some photos for my thesis - your assistance is appreciated

    Hi miners, I need some photos of mining rigs/mining setups for my thesis on bitcoin mining, and instead of taking pictures off the internet I think it would be pretty cool to give the community the option to have pictures of their rigs/equipment being used with full credit given to these people...
  3. Diego

    Difference between SegWit addresses

    Electrum 3.0 is out and the addresses are starting with bc1 apparently. I have a hardware wallet in the other hand where SegWit is supported too but the addresses are starting with 3 instead. What are the differences and are they compatible between each other (including the old addresses). Could...
  4. Diego

    A crypto startup is now funding people in Bitcoin for delayed flights.

    Next time you experience a flight delay, you can now receive compensation in Bitcoin. are offering to fund people in Bitcoin whenever they have experienced a flight delay of over 1 hour which is rather handy! It's interesting how more startups are offering a Bitcoin payment method...