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  1. Aziel

    Make Money Without Trading or Gambling

    The Universal Crypto Investment Fund is a cryptocurrency decentralized application (Dapp.) It was designed to provide a universal, basic income opportunity via the Universal Crypto Investment Fund (UCIF coin) that does not require a large sum of money from investors, therefore, offering the...
  2. Aziel

    Cryptocurrency can not replace fiat currency.

    I have seen so many posts about emerging cryptocurrency, and they think that someday it will take over our current system, or it will replace our fiat currency, which is really impossible, yes cryptocurrency is such an excellent currency especially the bitcoin, cryptocurrency keeps on being more...
  3. Aziel

    Proposal To All Miners, To Recover Lost coins. A New Modified Blockchain / Core

    Proposal to All Miners: Recover Lost coins. A New Modified Blockchain, & New Modified Core Wallet. Lost inactive coins will be given to Miners Fee, or shared equally between all Bitcoin owners. "Active address" Or given to Active Nodes with accumulated time of 1000 hours per year before each...
  4. Aziel

    Address Info - Did I get hacked?

    Hi, is there any way to get any information about the address and who is potentially controlling it? My wallet sent 3.8BTC to this address (Hash 443030647c938503d12d09373f8f1c84083be1f8b2e1c48c107fb27cc561ddeb ) and I do not why...
  5. Aziel

    Alerts when my Bitcoin Mining Club solves a block on the Blockchain?

    Anyone know how I could get an email or text every time my Bitcoin Mining Club solves a block on the Blockchain? It shows all the wins in a live feed but doesn't offer any way to receive alerts. IFTTT may work but I couldn't find a way to do it.
  6. Aziel

    Discussion and support on the lightning network lessons

    Hi, I'm going to be starting to post lessons on the lightning network availabe here: If you have any question on it or are a bit stuck with anything feel free to ask them here.
  7. Aziel

    Your keys, your bitcoin?

    We have heard many times that bitcoins are not actually yours if private keys unlocking corresponding UTXOs are not in your possession. "Not your keys, not your coins." This postulate, this idea has became a law for people who value their financial sovereignty. Moreover, it is completely logical...
  8. Aziel

    trade & investment is getting harder and harder.

    what I am experiencing right now is that it is difficult for me to obtain profits from investments and trade that I do, & is there someone here who has more effective ways for me to be able to improve my trade and investment so that I can get a profit of course, not vice versa I get is...