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  1. Marquis

    Cloud mining still profitable?

    Hello, I have just found this website, it should be a new cloud mining site with very good prices, they pay daily directly from official pool. They should have direct partnership with Bitmain. So, please, does someone use their contracts? It is still profitable? Or what about...
  2. Marquis

    The U.S. economy contracted sharply in the first quarter of 2020

    The U.S. economy contracted at its fastest rate since the Great Recession. GDP fell 4.8% in January to March, compared to the previous quarter. Consumer spending fell sharply. But I dont...
  3. Marquis

    CryptoTexty Talk - Video Program about Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, etc.

    First edition: CryptoTexty Talk with Antonio Manno about blockchain, philosophy and economics. Antonio Manno is co-founder of Exosphere academy, speaker on D-Tech space conference in Lviv and BlockchainUA conference in Kyiv.
  4. Marquis

    Send BTC twice and it didn't confirm fast enough, but it's gone

    Hey guys, used BTC years ago when it was newer and now just coming back. I've sent payments twice now and they didn't confirm before the 30:00 timer ran out so my purchase didn't go through BUT the BTC is also no longer in my wallet! Where the hell did it go? Did I throw it away? Any recourse on...
  5. Marquis

    Is there an up-to-date overview over bitcoin mining hardware?

    Hello! I was looking for bitcoin mining hardware but could not find an up-to-date overview over bitcoin mining hardware (which gets updated over the time). I found this wiki page and this website but both are not up-to-date. I know about the following (legit) producers: Bitmain Spondoolies...
  6. Marquis

    How to know BTC balance of certain addresses at a certain block height?

    Looking for some online tool or api...
  7. Marquis

    How do I connect my mobile Electrum Wallet to my Bitpay App

    Can anyone explain to me how can I "connect" my mobile Electrum Wallet to my Bitpay mobile wallet, in order to load my Bitpay debit Mastercard??? I hope to hear from you very soon!!!! Layman Terms Please.
  8. Marquis

    Binance compared to other Crypto Exchange.

    I have been into crypto-currency for a long time now, probably i understand few about Crypto and other things related to it, now I believe you and I know about BINANCE EXCHANGE and BITTREX EXCHANGE, right from when the market was not kind of complicated like this. Well let's go straight to the...