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  1. Mylo

    JSON-RPC step-by-step, help?

    There is a step by step tutorial on youtube that I think you can follow but it is Linux Based OS but you can follow the steps on how to do it. Here's the videos: Also, check this for more guide on JSON-RPC from here
  2. Mylo

    Any thought to reduce downloading time of blockchain ?

    Be aware that in general bootstrapping the Bitcoin blockchain via torrent is slower than downloading it via your wallet software: If downloading the Bitcoin blockchain is too much of a hassle to you, please consider using Electrum instead as...
  3. Mylo

    United Nation Expert admit Digital Currencies Could Replace Bank Accounts

    And the sooner they realised, the sooner Central Banks are going to imposed crypto regulations to somewhat put a dent on crypto imminent rising. It can slow them, but I doubt that the can really stop this crypto revolution. Cashless society, CBDC's will be the future. However, don't think that...
  4. Mylo

    The Rise of Bitcoin

    Try to read some news or articles related to recent bitcoin spike so somehow it will give you an idea. Not totally those are the reason but somehow you can draw a picture on why the spike happened. I will give you one...
  5. Mylo

    Covid crisis & evolving phases

    Permanent changes may not be possible at this time, because paper money is still widely used by many people, especially people who are not familiar with digital currencies. every bank ATM is still a lot and provides paper money to be used as an offline transaction tool. In the digital era, as...
  6. Mylo

    cryptomoney dice script

    Hello,woow thanks so much for all script you really help me . thanks a lot ^^. cordially .
  7. Mylo

    cryptomoney dice script

    Ok i understund i will make if really important , is because i wanna add game on my server who have only faucet . i don't share my server, it's at my home it's only me who control my server . i use 'Faucet in a BOX Ultimate' it's open source script for my faucet,that's why i have think can find...
  8. Mylo

    cryptomoney dice script

    Thanks so much for all your replies but i don't have the time for read all the code source because i am alone on that . It's better if i buy a trust script, do you know a script paying please ?
  9. Mylo

    cryptomoney dice script

    thanks so much , but he don't work on my server , do you know if exist a script in PHP please ?
  10. Mylo

    Cloud mining with OXBTC

    Mining requires not only buying expensive hardware but also its configuration and management. Not everyone has the necessary skills and time to do that. For people who want to do mining without getting into the management, configuration and troubleshooting of mining hardware, OXBTCis the best...
  11. Mylo

    Virus Bear Market?

    Hello, late to all this doom & gloom news, had my head stuck in the sand for a while been busy. Just got out of it and hear this corona virus thing causing markets worldwide to crash even oil markets. Questions: Covid-19 virus recently caused the crash of btc over a week ago? Government saying...
  12. Mylo

    cryptomoney dice script

    Hello, i have searching a free script open source dice crypto money on google and github but i don't find can you help me please ? it's for open a dice game . cordially.
  13. Mylo

    Wrong wallet address recovered with backup mnemonic

    Hello,Recover the wallet with the backup mnemonic, it can be restored normally in the electrum, but the recovery is no money, nor the previous address. how to solve this problem? Request support!
  14. Mylo

    Advice on address reuse and mining in a pool

    I use a new address any time I request a payment and I also mine at Eligius. The address I use at Eligius is the first address my wallet ever provided to me and has received many payouts. Is this a bad idea? Should I occasionally generate a new address for mining to keep my identity somewhat...
  15. Mylo

    What are some decentralized/better alternatives to DNS Seeds?

    I'm doing some research into DNS Seeding, and alternative options to it. My main thought process is that, even if DNS Seeders are a functional but imperfect solution for initial peer discovery, they do still but a long term burden on the few individuals that are running the dns seeds, and do...
  16. Mylo

    Supreme leader's twitter account hacked - but that's not the main issue!

    Twitter hackers strike again! The twitter account of India's supreme leader Narendra Modi is hacked to seek bitcoin payment. But that's not the main problem! See below, My dad was reading newspapers from his tab while having morning tea and suddenly uttered - "this bitcoin thing is ruining...
  17. Mylo

    Need a List of Good Online Marketplaces

    There are more Discords than there are people actually using Discord. /eyeroll
  18. Mylo

    bull market and market news its a end of the crypto or whats wrong?

    We're on verge of getting mass adoption but we're not quite there yet. Crypto is yet to penetrate majority of the world especially low income areas. In such areas, only a tiny percentage of people know about bitcoin and only know the basics about it. Mass adoption means that cryoto would be...
  19. Mylo

    which is a good option?? Trade or Hodl

    Is it better to keep good project coins for holding? or Trade in spot/ futures market in less leverage.