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    Does auto trading bot make good profit ?

    Does automated Bitcoin or other crypto currency trading bot can make some good benefits ? Is it good to use it ? What is the best bot ?
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    Is Buy and Hold Really the Best Strategy in Crypto?

    Not the best strategy but It will be best for those who has no courage in trading alts. Though "just holding" has it's own corresponding risk, but It has a different level of risk than short trading and other investment strategy. The best investment strategy in crypto depends on your passion and...
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    Crypto Investing/trading Opportunities for stable returns?

    You can easily make over 12% a year on bitcoin or USD stable coin by doing some passive trade on your favorite exchange. There are some exchanges that do provide a similar return but it would be better to take things on your hand than on to trust something new and unknown. Swing trading or grid...
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    Feeling bullish? Buy a Call option.

    Confusing for me to be honest, I know it makes sense and I understand why people prefer to do this because it ensures nothing is stuck at the settlement date, you win or lose, but I'd rather just make bets on Bitcoin price if I want to bet (which I don't). Freebitcoin actually has great...
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    money from website traffic that pays with BTC

    I am starting a new website and I was researching about how to make money from it. I took a look at and it needs 5,000 unique visitors per month. I am still about 1k I saw also coinzilla but I couldn't find any minimum visitors per month required. Do you guys have any...
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    Less Volatile Coins

    Putting your money on Stable coins like Tether and Gemini USD without any price appreciation is more like staying in Fiat USD and is more riskier than staying in Fiat. So I advice you to better stay in Fiat USD, if you are worried about the price volatility in Bitcoin.
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    Government figures or politicians supporting Bitcoin?

    Definitely those hard ass old dogs will be the last to accept the capabilities but I do not think that they still have a big leverage over and they can do so because they have connections. I think the best thing that the old dogs can do is convince those in favor of mass adoption to vote in...