1 BTC bounty for password recovery


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Hi, I need to recover password for my BTC wallet.dat.

I offer 1 BTC for password recovery and also I pay everyone who try do it after providing evidence.

Hash from bitcoin2john.py: $bitcoin$64$a95f920ca1fe7dc5ec9c1ac72cf80da3d6621abc4093e86e6ceebc1f5bad4c63$16$4b1887786d6d3451$67195$2$00$2$00

Password was randomly generated, saved in txt file for copy paste use - file with password is lost and I couldn't restore it.

Everyone who would like to participate, leave pattern which you use to let others know which pattern to skip.

Let me know what else info should I add.

Thank you.


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Let me know what else info should I add.
in order to brute force anything you'll need to reduce the search space as much as possible which means knowing as much information as possible about the password for this case. for example these information would help a lot:
- length of the password (eg. 6 character, 8, 12, 20?)
- type of characters used (upper case, lower case, mix of both, symbols, which symbols if any, numbers)
- any character that you can remember would also reduce it by a lot.

not knowing these things simply means it is impossible to recover this password specially since you said it was created randomly which i'm assuming means using a password generator.


Which Escrow are you going to lodge the reward with, and, what duration will they hold the funds on your behalf while users are researching your password?


Password was randomly generated, saved in txt file for copy paste use - file with password is lost and I couldn't restore it.
Why you couldn't restore it? Is it because the storage drive is actively written or it's been long time since the file deleted? If you could make a RAW copy of your storage drive, it could be used to obtain the .txt file.


Let me know what else info should I add.
Unfortunately, this question needs to be asked... "Is it actually your wallet.dat? or is this a wallet.dat that you bought that is supposed to have XYZ BTC in it?"

Please be honest, so that users don't waste time/money/resources on a fools errand, attempting to bruteforce the password to a "fake" wallet.dat. If it is actually your wallet.dat, then please provide the information requested by pooya87, as he stated, without more info, this is basically an "impossible" task.


There are a lot of people on this board who are using the word impossible on a consistent basis.
It is safe to just ignore their writings because they are either easily proven wrong, or in my case they have already been proven wrong many times because i already did what they are claiming to be impossible many times in the past.
And i am sure that i am not the only one.
Why these people keep using the word impossible over and over again is beyond my understanding, perhaps they blindly assume and accept the calculations without ever trying themselves or they just copy paste what other members are claiming or they do not realize that there are people that are doing these impossible things while they are publishing their claims that it can not be done.

The problem i have with this topic and all the other topics that shine with a 'Bounty' or 'Reward' at the top is that these bounty's never seem to get paid.
The topic either just dies out or the person who opened it just vanishes.
I can thus only join Timelord2067's point of view and have the funds proven to be available and locked into an escrow account.