Affiliate Marketing For Bitcoins?


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I was wondering if there is any affiliate marketing company that pays in cryptocurrency. I am not talking about the exchangers because they pay for referrals. I am looking for programs like Amazon affiliate, Clickbank etc.
Let me know if you have any idea about this. Thank you.


I want to add few other suggestions but am not sure if they are trusted enough. Take the example of Billfodl affiliate program which is crypto wallet accessory that adds another layer of security. It gaves 18.75% as a commission rate but it unfortunetly you will get paid in FIAT PayPal.
Also NVIDIA has an affiliate marketing program promoting its products. It can be profitable if you run a website in the Mining niche, but it also pay affiliate partners using FIAT :

Note that you may find more suggestions in the web about Marketplaces and other services offering affiliate programs. Please do your own researches before to use one of them for real and you can always ask here. Good luck


How about gambling sites' affiliates?

I think this one pays more but its extremely difficult to find a gambler that will actually register when they know its asking for their data. And this is also for other affiliate program related to bitcoin. Most companies these days are just exchanges, casino and ICO projects that has affiliate programs.


Basing it from what I have seen I doubt that there is one that currently exists since even Overtstock which is known to be the crypto version of Amazon is paying cash for their Affiliate program. What the other members said is correct and you will just most likely see referral programs from either gambling sites and exchanges and earn commissions from your referrals and that is it.


I have not checked this out myself. I don't know if you can find something useful about it. I searched it up, you can go through it.
to see if it will help.
Most websites mentioned on that list didn't offer affiliate marketing except for crypto job list, most of them are freelance job listing. Though, I didn't used them yet.