Bitcoin Black Friday 2020


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In just 2 weeks the Bitcoin Black Friday action is resuming

Domain (listing all the deals etc.):
What to expect:

Bitcoin Black Friday 2020 Will Host Major Discounts For BTC Payments


I did not know about Bitcoin Black Friday. This year, I will try to spend some from my pocket to buy advanced membership on Trading View if they give discounted price on Bitcoin Black Friday 2020.

I did not have spare fund to spend the membership on Trading View and only use free version for years.


I am also hearing this name for the first time but it's astonishing that this site is live since many years.

Currently I see some good offers on going with mostly focusing on bitcoin related services. I wish they had regular offers with bitcoin as payment. That will add more fun to it.

It's good that I got introduced to new offers though. Thanks


If it is legal business, then it is a very nice offer. Maybe there are some people who want to share their experiences about any purchases they have made.
Since this is new on the forum, it is important that we gain confidence in it and some certainty before ordering products.
I am a fan of such promotions, which can secretly make quite a difference of money when you see things you want to buy


Definitely a thread somewhere, not on my regular device right now but no harm promoting it here anyway!

Personally looking this year for a VR set for PS4. Was hoping to look at local retailers and if I find even 20% off regular will end up buying, and then might even use the Purse option for a bit of cashback since they actually have a card for the merchant.

For those new, this is usually the best time to get a hardware wallet;)


That's a pretty nice website..But it's a bit strange that they're not listing some of the big retailers that accept BTC as payment like Newegg and Overstock. The former uses BitPay meaning they also accept other cryptos. Both sites already have some early Black Friday deals :)


Thanks OP, This looks like a cool website. This is the first time I hear something like 'Bitcoin Black Friday' in my whole life and didn't know about it before but if anything exists like that to get cool discounts. Don't know how real is that. Also, I see the 'hosting-vpn' is there. Lucky I wanted to buy a host and domain for my new website and by mentioning this website you helped a lot Also looking for tradingview discount to upgrade my account. However, I prefer to wait and see how legit is this website.


Just a little reminder...

We had previous Bitcoin Black Friday events where people were duped into buying super cheap items and goods, but it was just one big scam. These offers was not real and it was just an opportunity for criminals to cash in on the hype of this event and to capitalize on people's greed.

So.... when you see something that are too good to believe... think about this post... take a breath and dig a little deeper. It happened before and it is going to happen again.

Also the more we spend, the lower the price will go.. from people selling coins to buy bargains and also merchants converting Bitcoin back to Fiat.
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So good to see amazing deals available in the Bitcoin Black Friday. As long as this is legitimate and the offers are for real then this can be one of the best ways we can promote Bitcoin and make it as a medium of exchange (buy and sell goods/services) and not just an investment tool to hold and hide. Putting more incentives so that people will be using their Bitcoin (and even any other cryptocurrency for that matter) can be good for business in general.


I couldn't take advantage of black Friday deals in local and international stores I do shop from. Details from their site includes some interesting deals already. But it looks like majority of their deals doesn't involve shipping a physical commodity to participants of the event. Still pretty cool though I saw some good deals


Congratulations for the initiative! I'm pretty sure I come across this website the recent years as well, but I haven't really checked it out. The design is quite appealing to be honest. Orange-black is one of my favorite colour combinations as a matter of fact.

Quite some deals there. There's even some ways to earn some sats by spending your time (aka surveys and other tasks). Cool, but I wonder if there is any filter for the showcased deals? I mean do you do any due diligence on the deals or you are simply an aggregator?


Black Friday sale will be conducted by every shopping platform. It is possible to make use of the bitcoin on these day. Now a separate domain being created for the purpose of Black Friday helps people easily spend the bitcoins than going in search of bitcoin accepted services.

I take it an opportunity to brief people about the true meaning of Black Friday, which isn't known to many. Everyone have a common thinking, it is the shoppers day.

Different reasons were stated for the same. One is about the two investors buying gold and experiencing crash. Same day the foreign trade too got stopped. Farmers too suffered cultivation cut by half. This happened in 1869.

Next reason mentioned is the day after thanksgiving and the army-navy game. By that day huge crowd can be seen on the streets shopping for long hours. This happened by the year 1950 which is being kept as the beginning for the "Black Friday" we celebrate