Bitflate (crypto with inflation) Mining


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I posted a guide to simple mining setup for Bitflate, a cryptocurrency with inflation.

If you need a pool for mining, you can use mining-dutch pool. See mining pool instruction here:

Come mine this coin. The coin supply starts to inflate after 4 years. But it rewards early adopters with more coins.

First 10 halvings' rewards:

0: 50
1: 25
2: 12.5
3: 6.25 (end of halving)
4: 6.65 (start of inflation 7%)
5: 7.02
6: 7.51
7: 8.04
8: 8.60
9: 9.20
10: 9.85

Block explorer:


So, in date of 19/07 you've mined 6000 blocks, right ?
Now chain is at block 127xx, so you have 50% of the coins, and probably more if you have continued mining ...


So far, there're 2 people mining Bitflate. I have 61.38% of the supply. The other person whom I don't know has 38.62%. We're at 639k coins. In our first year, we're supposed to reach 10 million coins. So we're still very far off. I do not want to own more coins. I will keep my miner down once there are more people mining. The coin uses the same Proof of Work consensus as bitcoin. I expect coin ownership to spread out when more miners come.

The chain inflates its supply after 4 years. So eventually, my bag will devalue. My long term goal is to create software services around the chain.


I just saw this gif animation on twitter.

Bitcoin doesn't have new miners on board until block 130k. We have 2 miners already at 12k block.