Buying goods or services using crypto


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as we've been in a state of bear-trend for almost a year, i'm trying to find another usage of my eth and btc except hodling. do you know any real working crypto-marketplaces? probably it's not a bad option and i would find something really worthful to buy without any doubts of being scammed. kindly waiting for your feedback


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i guess hodl is the best option as for now
anyway, you'll have enough time to spend your assets when this bear trend will be replaced by the bull trend
keep patience, find some marketplaces that meet your requirements and good luck.


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Try openbazaar or modultrade. The first one is pretty well-known, and the second one is new but promising. Choose your destiny


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Spend wisely. Remember that btc or eth are likely to go moon this year, so don't spend everything buying goods, not more than 10%. If crypto marketplaces are the only option to get something (due to logistic or smth like this), then do it. Do the research, choose the safest platform with the variety of goods you need. Simple as that.


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Check the child boards of this marketplace section, there's lots of buying and selling boards like Goods for things, services for itself, auctions etc..
Just be sure to use an escrow when transacting with a non trusted user, here's a list of escrows: BitcoinTalk's Escrow Providers: Ranking & Blacklist ☠ Avoid Scammers ☠

There's also:
Who Accepts Bitcoins As Payment? List of Companies, Stores, Shops
15 Major Retailers and Services That Accept Bitcoin
Its much better to google yourself, so you can access a lot more but since we're already here, I've listed some. Oh and, I read you want to just mindlessly browse and see if there's something you like, but in case you somehow have decided on that something, tell us!


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In my country you can pay bills using either BTC, ETH ad BCH. Your earnings can be used as a payment equivalent to your billing balance plus rebate. This is such a useful application and I can do freely anything about it. You can also but load, or pay merchants like credit cards all using your crypto balance.