Buying your ERC20 wallet tokens - Especially unlisted tokens!!


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I am buying your ERC20 tokens that are not listed in exchanges or coinmarketcap especially, Meantime I can offer for listed ones also
They can be your airdrop tokens, shtcoins etc..

System will work like below :

You will send your ERC20 ethereum wallet adress with a private message to me.
I will prepare a quotation for your ERC20 wallet tokens and send to you.
IF you accept my offer you will send tokens to me I will send ethereum that I offered in my quotation.
Also you can share TX IDs in this subject as a proof of trade.

For instance your ETH wallet address is : 0xbb3199796814705303ec249bab189DC5827c35e9
You send that address to me from pm and I like to buy CEHH token inside
For instance totally you have 8000 CEHH token in it and I will give an offer like that :
For 8000 CEHH token I will send 0.05 ETH
If you accept it you will send your tokens to the adress I will give then I will send 0.05 ETH to you
You can also give your address below this subject and I can send my offer through pm
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask in this subject.

I am already doing this trade below local subjects and it is working fine so now it is time to make it global..

6 June 2018 Edit -1 :
New service is available for ERC20 wallets :
We are analyzing you wallet for unlisted tokens and sending current value of tokens or potential and possible price for unlisted tokens.
Service fee is different according to number of token type in your ERC20 wallet.
Please contact with pm to use this service.


I would like to know, by what parameters will the price for the tokens of which there is not yet an exchange be formed? Or the price will simply be thought out? And why do not you do it through EtnerDelta? After all, there you can also trade tokens of the project where the ICO still does not end, or there is no listing on the stock exchange.


any specific reason for buying shitcoins (you mentioned it) and unlisted tokens ?
what is their use if they are shit coins , also why dont you ask seller to trade it on etherdelta .
on etherdelta seller will put sell order and you can buy that , simple . no middlemen needed , no escrow fees , only minor txn/trading fee .


So you are looking for any tokens that are not listed on any exchange but have potentials to be,.. but in more cheaper than the ICO price? You are likely looking for rough diamonds among the stones...?


Sounds like a good opportunity to look at, in the near future, based on my understanding in your criteria, maybe you wanted to store and hold coins which are soon to be performing in the exchangers later on, well thats great, maybe you can earn a lot in your strategy, but how about when the tokens will be died, i mean the developers will disappear? you might get loss in your invested time and money in your case? Well it depends maybe, you can update us here, about the status on your strategy, so that we can try it too.

Have a great day


bookmark this thread, i have a lot of shitcoin. don't know where it come from, will contact you later or i inform my colleague